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What is a Conditional Pass?

Sounds like it could be a type of throw in football or maybe special privilege to miss class. However, it is actually a term used in a Title V inspection. These are septic inspections required in the state of Massachusetts for real estate transactions. A certified technician will come and check the efficiency and physical condition of your septic system, examining everything including the main line, tank, distribution box and leach field. They will measure the sludge inside the tank to determine how well the system is performing. The soil will be evaluated to make sure it leaches at a satisfactory degree, and groundwater levels will be assessed. A reputable inspection company will also pump the septic tank as part of a thorough examination.

The Results
Once completed, you’ll receive a grade of Pass, Conditional Pass, or Fail. A failing grade means extensive work needs to be done to your system in order for it to be suitable for a real estate transaction. With a conditional pass, you’ve got some minor repairs to take care of, and you’ll have time to make these before being reevaluated. A passing grade means your system is working well and passes all checks for being bought or sold. Passing grades are good for 2 years. However, you can extend the life of a passing grade to 3 years if you participate in an annual pumping routine. Wind River can take care of both the inspection and the yearly pump service, so Contact Us to schedule your inspection or service today!

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