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Leach Field Rejuvenation: Solutions For Contaminated Leach Fields

Symptoms of a Contaminated Leach Field

When a septic system is operating at peak performance the solids in the wastewater never make it past the septic tank. Regular and frequent pumping of the tank prevents solids from moving out into the leach field, which is a network of perforated pipes which are intended to distribute only the liquid waste safely to the ground.

Over extended periods of time some solids can eventually make their way out of the tank and into the leach field. This causes clogs and backups throughout the entire septic system and a contaminated leach field! Some signs of a contaminated leach field include:

  • Run back into the tank during pumping
  • Ponding around the leach field area
  • Frequent backups in the home

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, contact us at Wind River Environmental and we’ll determine the best method to use for leach field rejuvenation.

Methods of Leach Field Rejuvenation

  • Custom Cleaning- This is the most comprehensive leach field rejuvenation program. Procedures include pumping your leach field, installing a Leach Field Port, water jetting, and adding our special blend of system-cleaning Boost Bacteria septic scrubs.
  • White Knight- With the White Knight system, a colony of solid eating soil bacteria is cultivated to go to work breaking down the solids in the which are clogging the lines in the leach field. This is an excellent option, and our experts can let you know if your system qualifies for the White Kight treatment.
  • Sewer Jetting- This powerful cleaning method is used for both septic systems and for homeowners experiencing trouble with a town sewer connection. Powerful jet pressure is applied to clear clogs in sewer lines as well as in the leach field. Sewer jetting is also an effective preventive maintenance process.

Wind River Environmental has the septic pumping and problem-solving expertise you need when septic system problems arise.

See this link for more information on our Septic Services.

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