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Septic Friendly Plants for Your Yard

The balance between beautifying your yard and keeping your septic system healthy doesn’t have to be difficult. Covering septic tanks with plants is a popular option for landscaping near your system due to their ability to spruce up an area without damaging the system underneath. However, not every plant is septic friendly. Although some plants pose a threat to your system, there’s also a variety that are practically safe around septic! 

Septic Friendly Plants

The cause of concern regarding plants comes from their roots infiltrating the tank and pipes of the septic system. Over time, tree roots grow and penetrate drain lines, which block some solids and significantly reduce your system’s performance. Making careful decisions when deciding on landscaping saves you money when factoring in the cost of septic repairs. This summer, make sure to do your research before planting anything.

Harmful Plants for Septic Systems

Many popular trees cause problems for septic systems because of their invasive roots. Some of these species include weeping willows, elm, maple, and birch trees. Typically, these larger trees tend to be the ones causing issues. The tank and drain lines are both susceptible, so understanding the layout of all pipes is crucial for protecting the health of your septic system. 

In the case that these plants are already living above your septic system or you’re unsure if the shrubs or trees have already damaged your pipes, Wind River Environmental offers expert cutting services to remove roots from drain lines. When tree roots extend and grow into your drain lines, contact a septic service provider for the safest and least invasive solution.

Best Plants for Septic Systems 

While there are certain plants to avoid, there are numerous that add color and beauty to your yard without risking damage to your system. These include dogwood trees, azalea, holly, and boxwood shrubs. When planting landscaping, planting, or adding any structures to your yard, a major rule of thumb is to avoid cutting off access to the septic cover. Most plants won’t interfere, but avoid planting or building anything too close.

Looking to protect your pipes against invasive roots? Wind River Environmental also offers pipelining, which stops leaks and prevents root intrusion. Sign up on our website to schedule septic, grease, drain cleaning, or pipelining services – or call us at (877) 560-9007. If you have any questions about changing liquid waste disposal services for your home, don’t hesitate to contact WRE today!

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