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What Does Grease Trap Installation Entail?

Restaurant grease traps are imperative to the restaurant industry, so grease trap installation plays a huge role in a successful business. In addition to being regulated by your state or county, grease traps keep your restaurant running at maximum efficiency by protecting your pipes from grease buildup and blockages.  

Having to shut down your restaurant due to grease issues is devastating. Depending on the extent of the blockage—and whether the grease is trapped in your pipes or the sewers—repairs are also expensive. 

Here is what grease trap installation entails, and how to have it set up and maintained.

Grease Trap Installation Explained

Indoor grease traps help protect your restaurant’s pipes and the municipal sewer by separating grease and fats from water and other liquids. Instead of sinks or dishwashers draining straight into the sewer, the liquid is rerouted through piping to the grease trap. From here, grease is separated from other liquid, which then continues through piping into the sewer. 

If your restaurant already has an existing setup, pipes will have to be rerouted to ensure that grease is trapped before making its way into the larger sewage system.

Outdoor grease traps are more complicated to install. They perform the same job as the indoor grease trap, but the grease separation is done after the liquid has left the restaurant. They filter out water from wash stations, sinks, and floor drains.

Outdoor grease trap installation entails digging through grass or concrete, after receiving permits to ensure everything is done correctly. Grease trap regulations vary from town to town, so it’s important to research and receive firm instructions on where the grease trap needs to be installed. Once the outdoor grease trap is installed, you need to connect it to the restaurants’ drains.

Professional Grease Trap Installation

Given the intensive work and permitting for outdoor grease traps, and the complexity of rerouting pipes in your kitchen, professional grease trap installation saves time and stress. Installing grease traps, repairing them, or performing any kind of maintenance requires certain equipment and expertise that is best left to professionals.

The technicians at Wind River Environmental are experienced and efficient when installing restaurant grease traps. Whether you need a brand new grease trap installed or need repairs, don’t hesitate to contact us. If you have any inquiries about grease trap installation, call Wind River Environmental at (877) 560-9007.

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