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What to Do After Pumping Your Septic System

Once you’ve created a pumping schedule with your local septic service company and a technician has serviced your septic tank, what do you do after? Many homeowners simply wait until their next service date, but there are many productive ways to get the most from your septic system in the meantime. Follow these tips for maximizing your septic system’s effectiveness and maintaining its health.

Next Steps After Pumping Your Septic Tank

Watch What You Flush

Everyone’s pumping schedule is going to be different, but the more you flush, the more frequent it’s probably going to need to be. Flushing products like wipes, q-tips, or cotton balls are not only a clogging hazard, but they fill your tank with unnecessary solids. Pumping your tank removes the solids—which frees up a lot of space—so don’t add things that can’t be broken down into your system!

Use Septic System Additives

If you’re unfamiliar with septic system additives, the time immediately before or following a pumping is the perfect time to start using them. The time between pumping normally includes inadvertently filling your tank with chemicals and antibacterial products that lower your septic system’s bacteria levels. Lower bacteria levels result in a slower breakdown of solids in your septic tank. 

Wind River Environmental administers one type of additive following a service, so contact them to learn more about which option is best for you. This combined with regular septic pumping are essential components of preventative maintenance. 

Have Your Septic Filter Cleaned

During the same service appointment, why not also have your septic filter cleaned? The filter protects your leach field from any solids that should be staying in your tank. This should be more frequent than septic pumping, but it’s convenient to accomplish both in the same appointment. 

By following these tips, you create a healthy septic system and avoid any major issues. There’s no action for you to take after pumping or any need to fill the tank with water, the technician handles everything. If you have any questions on what to do or expect after a pumping, or want to schedule a service, call Wind River Environmental at 1-800-499-1682. For any of your other septic needs, don’t hesitate to contact WRE today!

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