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Checklist for Emergency Services

During an emergency at home, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Issues involving plumbing or septic systems often require professional assistance, but it’s not always clear who to contact to fix these problems. A company that specializes primarily in unclogging drains probably might not be able to help with an overflowing septic tank, while others may not have the equipment necessary to fix the specific emergency you’re facing.

Emergency Septic Service Checklist

This common issue is why finding a single vendor with a complete array of services is important. Having an all-in-one service provider relieves some of the stress brought on during emergencies. If you’re experiencing any problems with your home, here’s a checklist of sorts for emergency services to look for in a service provider.

Clogged Pipes

Whether it’s a clogged sink, shower drain, or toilet, severely clogged pipes are an inconvenience that requires a service provider to resolve. Through techniques like snaking or jetting, experts are able to identify and choose the service that’s right for you and your home.

Residential drain cleaning is a cornerstone of many septic and plumbing service providers. Early morning or late-night emergencies are some of the most stressful, so make sure your local experts are always available.

Drain Backing Up

One of the more unpleasant septic and plumbing problems is back-up. There’s a number of reasons this happens including major clogs or an unpumped septic tank with too many solids built up inside. Not only is this problem often accompanied by a bad-smelling odor, but it essentially renders your washing machine, dishwasher, sink, shower, or toilet useless until the issue is fixed. 

Like clogged pipes, this needs repairing sooner than later. Once the source of the back-up is found, professionals are able to assess the problem and solve whatever your plumbing issue is. 

Water Damage Cleanup

After or during an emergency, water tends to accumulate and causes damage if it’s not cleaned properly. After fixing the main cause of the water leak or overflow, technicians clean the area and dispose of any excess water to avoid more serious damage to your home. For some, this might not sound like an “emergency”, but something as seemingly minor as a leaking toilet can cause serious damage to your floors. 

Potential water damage is another scenario in which it’s crucial that your emergency service provider is available on the weekends, holidays, and at any time of the day. Allowing water to sit for too long leads to costly repairs that are avoidable with a flexible service provider.

Contact Wind River Environmental for Emergency Services

For homeowners across 16 states, Wind River Environmental is the go-to choice for septic and plumbing emergency services. Wind River Environmental technicians are experts in fixing all kinds of emergencies, including the services listed above.

Sign up to schedule septic, grease, drain cleaning, or pipelining services – or call us at (877) 560-9007. If you have any questions about emergency services for your home, don’t hesitate to contact WRE today!

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