Septic System Inspections

Different states have different requirements for inspecting your septic system. At Wind River Environmental, we have a team of highly trained and properly permitted certified septic system inspectors across our service area. We will complete the inspection quickly and professionally and always give you a detailed report of our work. Request a Septic Inspection today.

Massachusetts Title V (Title 5) Inspections

A Title 5 Inspection is required before the sale of any home in Massachusetts, and also during certain remodeling projects.

The Title 5 Inspection is done by inspectors who are licensed by the state of Massachusetts. Wind River Environmental has licensed inspectors on staff. The Title 5 Inspection is a complete examination of all septic system components to ensure that everything is in proper working order. You can pass, fail or conditionally pass an inspection.

Wind River Environmental will provide septic pumping service during the Title V inspection. Septic pumping service will help the certified inspector to fully inspect your septic system and make proper observations on your septic tank.

If you fail an inspection, your inspector will explain why and the Board of Health will determine what proper steps must be taken in order to pass.

If you conditionally pass, the inspector will describe which component should be replaced or repaired. You may then schedule a service to replace and repair the system components.

After the work is completed and inspected by the Board of Health, a certificate of compliance will be issued designating your Title 5 complete and "passed".

Title 5 Inspections do require digging up components of the system. Since these holes can be very deep, we are required to use a small backhoe for most inspections. Title 5 Inspections are considered valid for 2 years. If you have your septic serviced each year before the anniversary date of the Title 5 Inspection, your Title 5 will be valid for 3 years.

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Rhode Island ISDS Inspection

Some towns in Rhode Island will require that you receive periodical ISDS (Individual Sewage Disposal System) Inspections and will notify you usually via mail that you are required to perform an inspection. Wind River Environmental has ISDS Certified Inspectors on staff and will be able to complete the septic system inspection and promptly submit the proper paperwork to your local Board of Health office.

During your ISDS inspection, our technician will conduct a flow test, check your septic system components (excluding the Distribution box), check for staining and any other potential issues, and write up the condition report of the system. We can also provide septic pumping service at the time of septic inspection.

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Buying a New Home?

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Most septic inspections are needed when buying or selling a home. If you are in the process of buying a new home be sure to check if the home has a septic system.  If so, you will want to make sure the septic system has been inspected by a licensed septic inspector before purchasing it. To help with your home search be sure to visit MassRealty which helps individuals find Massachusetts Real Estate, including condos, townhouses, and homes for sale. MassRealty also services Rhode Island Homes for Sale and Connecticut Homes for Sale.


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