3 Septic and Grease Do’s and Don’ts for Property Managers

When you are a property manager, trying to evaluate specific contractor services that you need to run your business can leave you feeling inexperienced. This is especially true if you have grease traps that are a major part of your operations when they were not part of your previous job description. Unlike other tasks that can be facilitated by employees, grease traps and cesspools will need experienced third-party contractors that are familiar with cleaning, emptying, servicing and repairing non-hazardous liquid waste systems. Detailed below, three [...] Continue Reading

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Our Favorite Collection of Plumbing Fails

When it comes to plumbing systems, without proper installation, maintenance and repair, what can go wrong usually does go wrong. Failed plumbing systems are not only an inconvenience but they are also a danger to anyone visiting or occupying the structure. The costs of repair, replacement and refurbishment of a structure after a serious plumbing failure are often many times higher than what the fees for a preventive repair or maintenance visit would have set the owner back. Here are some of our favorite plumbing [...] Continue Reading

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Why Businesses Need Drain Cleaners with the Right Equipment

When you have a business to run, every hour that the store or restaurant is closed to customers is a significant amount of money. Sometimes literally that means it is money lost down the drain. A clogged drain is not only a potential financial blow to your business, it is a safety, hygienic, and environmental threat. A small clog or backup equals big problems. It is vital that you hire drain cleaners with the right equipment.

Implications of a Clogged Drain

When a drain is clogged, either [...] Continue Reading

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Why Businesses Need Plumbers with the Right Equipment

When the average person thinks of the word “plumbing,” images of pipes hidden behind the walls, water coming from the shower head, and the flushing of waste water may come to mind. While these are all aspects of plumbing, there is a great deal more equipment and services that make up this field. The truth is that plumbing includes components like expansion tanks, backflow arrestors, and heat exchangers that require specific tools, such as flaring pliers, pipe vices, and soldering torches. These terms might sound [...] Continue Reading

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The Importance of Good Vendor Communication for Property Managers

Oftentimes, a vendor is not working directly for clients or businesses. Instead, they are contracted for multiple properties through a property manager. The residents or businesses rely on the property manager to rectify any issues within the home, store, or restaurant. Therefore, the property manager needs a vendor who is reliable, professional, and has excellent communication skills. This is especially true when dealing with vendors in the plumbing and septic services. If a vendor makes a mistake, it will reflect poorly on the property manager [...] Continue Reading

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How Video Camera Inspections Help Your Business’s Drain Lines

It’s hard enough to run a business without worrying about plumbing and drain issues. Not only can these problems cost a lot of money and waste a lot of valuable time, but they can also result in damages to the business’s products or building. It’s best to regularly check the pipes and drains of any building for possible damages, issues or to check for the need for regular maintenance. However, doing this can be incredibly difficult as many pipes are hidden from sight in difficult [...] Continue Reading

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Flashback Friday: Grease Traps

Restaurants, Supermarkets and other businesses tend to produce a lot of food waste. To prevent this from happening, a small piece of equipment is placed in a business to capture the extra grease and oil, called a grease trap. This simple device is attached to your sink and separates the grease from the water, so that only the water goes to the wastewater system. If you are the owner or manager of a business that requires grease traps, read the below to learn why you [...] Continue Reading

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Why Many Plumbers Just Don’t Cut It for Businesses

When you own a business, it is important that you hire a plumber that specializes in commercial plumbing as they perform different plumbing tasks than those who specialize in residential plumbing. Listed below are some characteristics of plumbers that are qualified for businesses. After reviewing, you will see why your businesses needs a plumber that can perform commercial tasks, such as repair, replacement or maintenance on grease traps, drain lines and hot water heaters.

How is a commercial plumber different?

Unlike your home, there are many government [...] Continue Reading

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The 3 Most Under-Appreciated Aspects to Finding a Liquid Waste Service for Property Managers

As a property manager, it can be difficult to assess what you need in a liquid waste service. This is especially true if you have equipment specifically engineered for the business you manage. It is also a hassle figuring out what you need for a service that requires years of technical training. While there are a long list of services that are offered in this field, three are under-appreciated aspects property managers often overlook.

1. Keeping grease traps in compliance

One of the main services that keeps [...] Continue Reading

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The 4 Things Businesses Should Look for in a Drain Cleaning Team

There is no replacement for a great company that can handle all your non-hazardous liquid waste system needs. With many companies to choose from, it is important to focus on factors that will turn a good company into that great company for all your plumbing needs. Here are four factors to look for in a great drain cleaning team.

1. Customer Service

Customers are the reason all businesses exist. Make sure to pick a service company that will do whatever it takes to satisfy your expectations. Customer [...] Continue Reading

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