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What is a Septic Riser?

Installing a septic tank riser for your home or business is a recommended addition to your current septic system because the new riser will make maintaining and observing your septic system easier and more convenient.

Septic Tank Risers will Lower Septic System Costs

Septic Tank risers or buildups should be installed on the cover to your septic system. Along with it being one of your least monitored and least understood household systems, your septic system happens to be one of the most expensive pieces of machinery on […] Continue Reading

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5 Tips For Keeping Your Home’s Septic System Well-Maintained

When you have a septic system on your property, you will want to keep it in top condition. Unfortunately, if you do not maintain the septic system you will inevitably wind up with a higher bill in the future. However, there are several ways to keep your septic system working optimally without a lot of extra effort. In the long term, this will mean lower bills and fewer repair costs. Altogether, there are 5 basic tips for keeping your home’s septic system in the best […] Continue Reading

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Download Our Free Grease Trap Best Practices Sign for Restaurant Kitchens!

In our testimonials, many of our customers take the time to mention that we like being helpful. Our trained technicians are full of tips that help our customers save time, money and reduce their stress levels. With that in mind, we have created a free gift for anyone that owns a grease trap. All you have to do is fill out the form, and we will send you a laminated 10-inch by 14-inch sign that helps remind your kitchen staff about keeping a grease trap […] Continue Reading

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How Do I Replace an Underground Pipe?

It can be alarming for a homeowner or property owner to find that they will need to have an underground pipe replaced because of the unknown range of expense. Although property owners are familiar with digging as being the only way pipes could be repaired in the past, new innovations replace pipes while keeping the landscape intact. To learn more about the old and new methods of pipe replacement, keep reading.

The old underground pipe replacement method

In the past, the only way to repair or replace […] Continue Reading

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Why do sinks clog?

Any homeowner can tell you just how frustrating it is to have a clog in your sink. Not only can this destroy your sink as a whole, it often causes flooding and all other kinds of serious issues. However, while we all know a clog is something we don’t want to experience, many homeowners don’t know what causes this issue to begin with. Below are three of the most common causes:

1. Food Left Behind in the Sink

One of the most common reasons why sinks clog […] Continue Reading

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What is an Aerobic Septic System?

Aerobic Septic Systems are a wonderful alternative to the traditional septic tank systems you might currently have in your home or business. Whereas the usual anaerobic process which makes use of fermentation to in order to treat and compress sewage, an aerobic treatment system employs the process of cellular respiration instead of fermentation.

Environmentally Friendly

What’s more is that aerobic septic systems are environmentally friendly. Generally, these systems feature a construction made up of durable fiberglass, which also makes for easy installation. This ease of setup will […] Continue Reading

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The Advantages of CIPP Pipelining

Businesses and homeowners alike are steadfast in avoiding any extra costs to their annual budget that involve repairs to their property. If you learn that you need advanced plumbing or sewer work performed, your first thought is one of stress. After all, plumbing and sewer repairs are not only notorious for being expensive but it’s disruptive to your home and property due to the intense amount of digging involved. However, new technology called CIPP pipelining is cutting down the overall costs of plumbing and sewer-related […] Continue Reading

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Wind River is hiring!

Delivering high-quality service has always been the goal of Wind River Environmental. On the other hand, the company also likes to have fun while also providing excellent service. This positive energy allows Wind River to serve their clientele while offering an excellent workplace. There is definitely a reason why customer service representatives sound so happy to be answering the phones.

Each position at Wind River Environmental is unique. Like other employers, the requirement is that employees work hard and provide great service. Are you ethical and […] Continue Reading

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What are the components of a septic system?

Septic systems are an important part of everyday life in rural areas, yet most individuals know very little about how they work. For a homeowner, it is important be educated on how the process works to ensure proper care, while maintaining the lifespan of your septic system. There are four main components that make up a septic system: a main drain line, a septic tank, a distribution box, and the leach field. Each of these components are essential for the septic system to work properly […] Continue Reading

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February 25th, 2015 BY No Comments

What’s the difference between a septic system and a cesspool?

Cesspools and septic systems are two waste disposal units for the home that individuals often confuse with one another. While they have a lot of similarities, these two units are actually quite different from each other.


Most septic systems are made up of a tank, distribution box and leach field. Cesspools, though, usually only have a large, open pit that holds the wastewater. This pit is then lined with some kind of concrete or rocks. There are some cesspools available that are just simply an underground […] Continue Reading

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