Flashback Friday: Septic Systems

Residential septic systems can only take care of you if you take care of them first. Remember the expression about garbage in and garbage out? There are several ways you can control what goes into your septic system. Following these rules will enable your waste removal system to function properly for years to come.

Garbage In

Whatever you put down your toilet, sinks, and bathtubs enters your septic system. The system is designed to handle normal residential waste products. However, it is not designed to break down [...] Continue Reading

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What is and what isn’t included when service professionals say “plumbing”?

You already know that many tasks are required on a regular basis to keep your home or business running smoothly. And maintaining your pipes, drains and toilets are some of those important tasks. But when it comes to plumbing, there are things plumbers do and others that are more suitable for a different type of professional service. And knowing the differences is pivotal when it comes to your residence or business.

Although there’s a large array of services a traditional plumber will offer, there are some [...] Continue Reading

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What’s the difference between snaking and jetting, and should business owners care?

A backed-up drain can quickly flood a business, wreaking havoc on normal operations. In many commercial establishments, this is caused by the volume of grease and debris that travels through the drain pipes. And when this happens, often times a professional is needed to clear the clog either through snaking or jetting. But what is the difference between these two options?


A snake is a flexible auger used to remove clogs in plumbing. Most snakes consist of a coiled metal wire that digs itself into the [...] Continue Reading

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What’s The Best Preventative Maintenance Regiment for a Mom And Pop Supermarket?

If you run a mom-and-pop supermarket, you know how important it is for your visitors to have a pleasant experience at your store each and every time they visit. You want your environment to always be inviting, so if a problem occurs with your grease traps and plumbing it can be disastrous for your bottom line. To prevent this type of disruption in your business, it is best to create your own preventative maintenance regimen to keep your plumbing working properly. Here are some tips.

Contract [...] Continue Reading

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What’s the difference between residential drain cleaning and plumbing work?

If you are a homeowner, you have most likely have already needed to call a plumber. Plumbers take care of all types of problems around your home, including leaky faucets. But as a homeowner, something that you will want to know is the difference between residential drain cleaning and plumbing work. The short answer is that drain cleaning solves any clogged drain issues and plumbing work is normally repair work such as replacement of a drain line.

Residential Drain Cleaning

Over time, a lot of things go [...] Continue Reading

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Why Camera Inspections are Beneficial to a Supermarket’s Drain Lines

Supermarket drain lines get a lot of use with a constant stream of spoiled food, beverages and other items being sent down the drain on a daily basis. Because of this, it’s completely understandable that supermarkets frequently suffer from plumbing issues like clogs. However, these plumbing issues are commonly too difficult to be rectified with some commercial drain cleaners. The problems need to be found, seen, explored and fixed with the help of a camera.

No Guessing

When it comes to any plumbing system, what exactly is [...] Continue Reading

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What’s the relationship between my home’s drain lines and my septic system?

A standard septic system has four main components; the drain or pipe which carries waste-water from the home or business, the septic tank or cesspool, the distribution box and the leach field. These elements, along with gravity perform together providing a healthy, energy efficient way to dispose of nasty and contaminating waste water. All of the components within a septic system are symbiotic and none will perform optimally without the other being in good working order.

A septic tank is the key component of the septic [...] Continue Reading

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How can supermarkets use preventative maintenance to prevent drain emergencies?

A fast working drainage system in a supermarket is a maintenance feature that’s often taken for granted. But when the drains stop working, serious problems can occur. Drain emergencies can occur very quickly in bathrooms, freezers, aisles, and even parking lots if not properly maintained. Not only can flooding cause significant damage to inventory and equipment, but customers can be permanently influenced by bad smells and unsanitary conditions. For these reasons, and many more, it’s essential for every supermarket owner or manager to keep their [...] Continue Reading

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3 Preventative Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Business’s Plumbing in Working Order

Nothing can destroy a productive day better than having to manage a disastrous plumbing situation. This not only destroys your emergency expense budget but also disrupts workflow among employees and clients. There are many things you can do as a business to prevent any plumbing emergencies that have the possibility of existing in your building. Follow these three preventative maintenance tips to keep your business’s plumbing in working order.

1. Regular Maintenance Checks
Just as the body needs an annual checkup at the doctor, your plumbing system [...] Continue Reading

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What’s the Difference Between Soft and Hard Drain Blockages and What’s the Fix for Each?

Is your toilet not flushing? Is your water in your drain moving too slowly? Drain blockages can be one of the most annoying issues facing homeowners and businesses. What many people do not know, however, is that there are two types of drain blockages and both types require different methods to address them.

Soft Drain Blockages

Soft drain blockages are often less dense than hard drain blockages, yet can sometimes be more difficult to remove. Soft drain blockages can be in either a solid or [...] Continue Reading

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