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5 Tips For Your Title V Inspection

The Title V (Title 5) Inspection is required by the State of Massachusetts and the Board of Health. These are usually done prior to real estate transactions to ensure the septic system is fully up to code. Public regulators began mandating this inspection to safeguard the sanitary conditions of groundwater and the environment, but purchasers also benefit through added security regarding the home or building they buy. If you are getting ready for a Title V Inspection, here are 5 tips to help you out.

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3 Tips For Proactively Fighting Septic Backup in the Bathroom

One big mistake people make is waiting for a problem to happen before taking steps to fight it. The truth is you can actually take initiative when it comes to fighting septic problems. Oftentimes, it’s too late to make simple patch ups if you wait for signs of an obstruction. We encourage customers to employ preventative maintenance into their septic care to avoid costly repairs or a septic backup. Here are 3 ways to proactively fight septic issues.



Septic Pumping
First and foremost, you must have […] Continue Reading

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Why Do Municipalities Require Restaurants to Use Grease Traps?

You may have heard that restaurants must have grease traps installed, but may not know why. You’ll be happy to know that it’s for your benefit and for the benefit of the entire community. Businesses that produce a lot of grease as a result of cooking pose a threat to the public drinking water. In order to protect the local waterways and waste water systems, municipalities mandate installation of grease traps. This prevents water pollution and damage to the sewer’s infrastructure, but it hasn’t always […] Continue Reading

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Wind River Environmental’s Fun Side!

It’s rare these days to find a company that truly enjoys being generous through giving of its finances and workers’ time. Wind River Environmental is very fortunate to have found and hired so many big-hearted employees to carry out its mission of kindness.

Helping Our Community
Wind River’s Summit program has been involved in a number of charitable activities. This short video features Wind River’s finest as they give back to the community during the following events.

MWRA Charles River Cleanup – Bellingham, MA

SPS Road Race, Shawn Patterson […] Continue Reading

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Expensive Commercial Septic Mistakes

Business owners who overlook their septic maintenance usually end up paying a high price. This is because skimping on responsible septic care not only results in clogged drains, but also reduces the life of your septic system. We see hundreds and even thousands of wasted dollars being spent every year on new septic systems and preventable repairs. Since it’s the first day of fall, let’s start the season off right by looking at ways to keep that money in your pocket.

Don’t Ignore Warning Signs
Red flags […] Continue Reading

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Snaking vs. Jetting: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to drain cleaning, I’d say our two most popular services are snaking and jetting. Pretty much any type of clog can be removed using one of these methods, and customers are very satisfied with the results. Let’s take a closer look at these two techniques and determine which may be best for the clogs you experience at your home or office.

Named for its resemblance to a snake, this method of drain cleaning uses a long bendable tool to drill through hair, foods, […] Continue Reading

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Key Differences in Septic Inspections Across New England States

With all the inspections out there, it’s easy to get confused. Different states have different requirements, and it takes some work to learn all the rules and regulations. Today, we hope to take some of that work off your plate and provide a simple description of the 3 major inspections we perform in New England.

The great state of Connecticut mandates either a Tier 1 or Tier 2 inspection. The Tier 1 inspection focuses on the septic tank and includes external photos. The Tier 2 level […] Continue Reading

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How Long is a Title V Inspection Valid?

A Quick Review
A Title V (Title 5) Inspection is done when a property is being sold. It is required by the Board of Health to ensure the septic system of a residence or business is fully up to code. A malfunctioning septic system has potential to harm the environment and the public water supply, so necessary regulations are in place to protect these.

During a Title V Inspection, a certified technician will check all parts of the septic system including the main line, tank, distribution box […] Continue Reading

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3 Surprising Items Found in Septic Systems

Some people might think the septic business is gross and uneventful. While every job has mundane qualities, it’s safe to say the environmental business is full of surprises. On what seemed to be routine service calls, our techs have encountered some interesting scenarios when pumping septic systems.

The Cat Lady
We received a call one day from a distraught woman who said her toilet had backed up. A tech rushed over and was immediately able to guess the problem once she opened the door. About 10 cats […] Continue Reading

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What Kind of Dishwasher Detergent Should I Use For My Septic Systems?

We enjoy getting these types of questions from customers because it shows they are taking responsibility for their septic system and for the environment. Environmentalists have made great strides in lowering the use of chemicals in cleaning products because they kill fish in our lakes and streams. Customers can also do their part to help wildlife by using products free of harsh chemicals. In doing so, they will also be extending the life and efficiency of their septic system.

What Chemicals Should I Avoid?
When it comes […] Continue Reading

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