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What’s That Smell? Eliminating Common Septic Odors

You may think it’s just your little brother’s dirty laundry, but perhaps that rotten egg smell is a septic issue. I’m talking about foul septic odors in the form of methane gas. If you own a restaurant or supermarket, this is obviously really bad for business. If you’re a homeowner, you might find that your friends aren’t so eager to visit anymore. Don’t let unpleasant smells make you the unpopular kid on the block. Let’s explore some common causes of septic stenches and how to […] Continue Reading

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What To Do If You Fail A Title V Inspection

If you did not heed our advice to enroll in a preventative maintenance program and failed your Title V Inspection as a result, I hate to say it but…we told you so. However, there’s no reason to agonize about past mistakes, let’s look forward and move on to solutions. It’s not the end of the world, and we are here to help!

What’s Next?
Call the Board of Health – First things first, you need to let the Board of Health know what’s going on. Provide […] Continue Reading

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Inspection 101: What is an ISDS Inspection?

An Individual Sewage Disposal System (ISDS) Inspection is less involved than a Title V inspection. In a Title V, the septic tank must be pumped, and every component is dissected and evaluated. With an ISDS inspection, the inspector will gather basic information, identify any problems and gauge the condition of the system. In Rhode Island there are 2 types of ISDS Inspections.

First Maintenance Inspection: The initial inspection performed on an ISDS is to gather baseline information. All cesspools and tanks for those ISDS installed prior to […] Continue Reading

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Best Practices to Keep Records of Your Septic Maintenance

Junk mail, our children’s schoolwork, instruction manuals, bills, receipts…our lives are cluttered with so much paper. The last thing we want is more paper to keep track of. When it comes to your environmental services, it is important that you be able to easily locate records of maintenance. The Board of Health and other local regulations require these documents, so be careful not to lose them in that Bermuda Triangle in your bottom drawer. Here some ways to keep these important documents organized of your […] Continue Reading

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Take Control: How to Avoid Restaurant Crises Before They Happen

We have many customers who own restaurants and have never experienced a wastewater crisis. What’s their secret? They have made an investment into their business to make sure plumbing problems never cut into their profits. This includes incorporating preventative maintenance into their budget and using a reliable company to provide the service. Here are the major components to preventative maintenance that a restaurant owner should consider.


Grease Trap
Since you’re in the food industry, you must have a grease trap. Since you have a grease trap, you […] Continue Reading

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Inspection 101: What do Title V Inspection Results Mean?

If you purchased or sold some real estate with a septic tank, you are likely familiar with Title V or Title 5 inspections. Those of you who have not yet had any experience with these examinations may want to continue reading. As a seller, you are required to have a Title V inspection done so the Board of Health can make sure it is fully up to code. As a buyer, you want to make sure it is done so you can feel confident about […] Continue Reading

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5 Things to Watch Out For with an Old Septic Tank

Septic tanks are designed to last a long time, but after so many years, you need to be aware of the signs of aging. Steel septic tanks will rust out after around 20 years. Concrete tanks can last twice as long or longer depending on the quality of the concrete and groundwater acidity. If your septic system has some age on it, be on the lookout for the following signs of septic failure.



1. Patches in Your Lawn
The area above your tank and leach field hold […] Continue Reading

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How to Avoid a Septic Crisis at Your Business

We preach the importance of preventative maintenance because it is the best way to avoid emergencies. However, there are still business owners out there who refuse to engage in a responsible maintenance routine. For these folks, all we can do is stress the importance of having a reliable waste management company on hand to keep those emergencies from turning into crisis situations. Here are a couple of examples where bad scenarios could have progressed to REALLY BAD scenarios if a dependable company had not jumped […] Continue Reading

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What Equipment is Used for Title V Inspections?

If you follow our blog, you have probably read about the importance of Title V (five) inspections and what they entail. The last thing you want is to buy a home with a faulty septic system so we take these assessments very seriously. It not only requires a trained eye to thoroughly examine everything, it also requires professional equipment to do the job efficiently. The tools needed to deliver appropriate attention to detail are not everyday items, so make sure the company you choose is […] Continue Reading

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Top 4 Best Practices in the Kitchen for Maintaining Your Home Septic System

We answer lots of residential calls requesting repairs to septic tanks or leach fields. Most of these could have been easily avoided if the homeowner had just put a few actions into practice. You’d think the bathroom would be the main culprit to plumbing problems, but activity in the kitchen needs to be addressed as well. Remember these 4 ways to support your septic system when it comes to wastewater in the kitchen.

1. Don’t Use a Garbage Disposal – A garbage disposal can be an added […] Continue Reading

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