Why You Need a Dependable Liquid Waste Servicer: A Septic Disaster Story

It is often easy to forget things that you don’t see on a daily basis. This includes the systems running underground that keep your home and business operating smoothly. While taking a long, hot shower you are probably not thinking about the water system that delivers the water to your shower head. One system you definitely don’t want to come face-to-face with is your septic system. It’s an aspect of daily living that we may want to forget about in the short-term. However, in the [...] Continue Reading

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What to Look For in a Residential Septic Servicing Company

Whether you are a homeowner yourself or if you manage multiple residential properties on your own, seeking out the right residential septic servicing company is essential regardless of your position. Utilizing a residential septic servicing company is a way to avoid potential backups, floods and issues.

Experience and Credibility

Before choosing the residential septic servicing company that is right for you, it is important to review the experience and credibility of any company you find locally, either through referrals or online. Reviewing experience and credibility is also [...] Continue Reading

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Why Do Grease Traps Back Up?

Grease traps provide a valuable service for restaurants. However, grease traps do not always function perfectly. In some situations, dirty waste water and fats, oils, grease, and other solids might back up through the trap. Why does this happen? There are a few reasons why grease traps back up.

Improper Disposal By Employees

Employees who might be new to working in a restaurant, supermarket, or other establishment that relies on grease traps might assume anything can be poured down a drain. Because of this, they dump the [...] Continue Reading

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The Dos and Don’ts of Restaurant Septic and Grease Tanks

Restaurants deal with a lot of grease, fats and oils in their piping system and septic tank. Accumulation of fats, oils and grease, also known as FOG, in the piping system and septic tank can cause damage to the tank as well as health risks to those in the restaurant. However, there are some ways of avoiding septic and grease issues in restaurants.

Do Get Inspections Done Regularly

It can be difficult to determine when a septic or grease tank needs pumping or if the tank or [...] Continue Reading

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15 Common Household Items You Shouldn’t Flush Down Your Septic System

A valuable asset to your home is its septic system. Let’s face it, all homes must have a reliable, working septic to properly house and care for a family. There are many products that are not meant to be flushed down a toilet, and some of them might surprise you.

A number of common household items are flushed every day, and, according to their packaging, it is acceptable to do so. But wait—if those items are anything other than waste material or single ply toilet paper, [...] Continue Reading

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Flashback Friday: Restaurants

The reasons for dining out are timeless, and for centuries people have valued the luxury of having someone else cook their favorite meal, enjoying the company of family and friends. While the experience and the desire to eat-out remains a constant, the action behind-the-scenes, in the kitchen, is consistently being revolutionized. In the past it was acceptable to either dump grease down the sink or throw it away, instead of recycling or disposing of it safely. Fortunately, today, it is understood that a grease trap [...] Continue Reading

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The 3 Things You Should Look for In a Grease Trap Service Provider

Whether you run a restaurant, a supermarket, a school cafeteria, or a retirement home kitchen, you understand that all parts of the operations must run effectively and efficiently. While ovens, refrigerators, and fryers are obvious appliances necessary for daily operations, it is important to not overlook a properly functioning grease trap. A backed-up grease trap is not only unsightly, it could make the difference between being able to run a service that day or having to close for unexpected maintenance. However, not all grease trap [...] Continue Reading

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When Would a Restaurant Need Jetting for its Drain Lines?

Restaurants have high water flow rates, which means septic systems must handle thousands of gallons of water and waste per day. Occasionally, food debris and grease will clog up the pipes. This and other scenarios are usually best handled with the superior cleaning power of jetting services.

Larger, Stubborn Clogs in the System

Drain Jetting is cutting edge technology in the drain cleaning game. Restaurants with large, stubborn clogs where the drain snaking is not able to clear, can turn to jetting. This process is perfect for [...] Continue Reading

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Why Are There So Many Types of Residential Septic Services? How are they Different?

As a homeowner with a septic system you will see that there are many different types of residential septic services. While the septic system usually does best when left alone to do its job, there are times when you need to have it serviced. Let’s take a look at some of the different services available.

Septic Pumping Service

A must-do service that nearly all septic system companies provide is septic tank pumping. Septic pumping removes the built up sludge out of the bottom of your septic tank, [...] Continue Reading

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What is Yellow Grease and How Does It Relate to My Restaurant?

If you own a restaurant, you’re likely to be familiar with the fact that a lot of the cooking that happens produces grease. You’ll definitely want to know if your kitchens are producing yellow grease though because it could mean you have another way to profit off of your restaurant’s operation. First, let’s learn about yellow grease.

What Is Yellow Grease

Yellow grease is a normal by-product of cooking with vegetable oil. The reason that yellow grease is valuable is that it can be converted into Biodiesel [...] Continue Reading

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