7 Important Septic Tips for Your Business You May Not Know

Most business owners with commercial septic systems are aware that routine maintenance is the key to preventing clogs and prolonging the life of the septic tank. Neglecting to clean your commercial septic system can lead to expensive repairs and business downtime. However, here are seven important septic system tips for your business that you may not know:

1. Never dump chemicals or harsh cleaners down your drains. Everything that goes through the plumbing pipes should be safe for septic systems to prevent killing the bacteria that [...] Continue Reading

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How Can I Spend Less Money Maintaining My Supermarket’s Grease Traps?

Grease traps are necessary in grocery stores because they trap grease, oils and fats while allowing waste liquid to run smoothly through the drain. However, one of the biggest supermarket expenses is business down time caused by sewer backups from grease traps that are not properly maintained. Therefore, just exactly how can you spend less money maintaining your supermarket’s grease traps?

It’s vital for all commercial kitchens to have properly working grease traps in order to promote sanitary conditions. If traps are not correctly maintained, the [...] Continue Reading

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The Worst Thing That Can Happen to Your Company Drain… and What To Do If It Happens to You

Any time you are managing a business workplace, ensuring your company drains, grease trap or septic tank are working properly at all times is essential. Encountering an issue such as clogging or even a leak can ultimately lead to potentially dangerous environments, which is why it is essential to get the situation under control as quickly as possible once you become aware of a drain-related issue.

Backup and Clogging

It is important to have your company inside grease trap cleaned at least every 3 months to avoid [...] Continue Reading

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10 Septic Do’s and Don’t’s Businesses Need To Know

When you have a business and you manage a workplace with employees and operating bathrooms, you will more than likely also be required to maintain your septic tank regularly. Understanding the top 10 septic do’s and don’t's that businesses need to know can help you to ensure you avoid any potential leaks, clogs or backup emergencies in your place of work or conducting business.

1. Do Have Your Septic Tank Serviced Regularly

Have your company’s septic tank serviced regularly to ensure it is well-maintained and in proper [...] Continue Reading

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April’s Messiest Drain Award

This drain award is long overdue. Back in November we received a call from a third party about the drains backing up in the Take-Out Restaruant and meat room of a  Superstore.

Prior to our attempt, two other companies had unsuccessfully attempted to snake the drains clear. Once we were contacted we performed our own drain snaking and determined that there was an excess amount of grease in the lines. The access to these lines was also insufficient.

Our Plumbing Department  followed up by installing a CO2 [...] Continue Reading

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Blue Light Special Tip #2: How To Avoid Puddles And Maintaining Your Supermarket Plumbing

Running a supermarket means managers have to pay very strict attention to a number of responsibilities. Among those responsibilities is ensuring the interior of the market is both clean and safe. Plumbing woes can undermine both of these outcomes.

Even seemingly ”minuscule” troubles can have major consequences if overlooked.

For one, a plumbing mishap such as a leak can create puddles. Whether the leak is a small and slow one or one that pumps out a lot of water at a furious pace, the leak is going [...] Continue Reading

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Restaurant Management 101: Why Does My Drain Keep Backing Up?

There are a number of reasons why commercial kitchen drains continue to back up. It’s essential that you understand why this happens and implement regular cleaning services by a professional drain cleaner. Clogged drains can cause the shutdown of a restaurant, which equates to a loss in revenue along with a likely expensive repair.

Why Commercial Kitchen Drains Clog

Sludge, greases, meat fats and other oils can quickly build up in drains. As these substances cool, they begin to harden and stick to the drain pipes. This [...] Continue Reading

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5 Easy Tips from a Drain Professional

When it comes to getting the most out of your wastewater and plumbing system, you must make sure that you are taking precautionary steps to avoid issues from arising. For example, your commercial property will likely endure plumbing problems if you have customers and employees flushing anything and everything down your toilets. It’s only common sense that toilet paper is the only thing that should be flushed.

Let’s take a quick look at five easy tips from a drain professional that you should follow to make [...] Continue Reading

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Things People Think They Can Flush, But Really Can’t

Septic systems and drain lines can see a lot of abuse from flushing all the wrong things. Many people aren’t even aware that some of these items are bad for drains and septic tanks. It’s important to learn the difference between flushable and non-flushable items so that you can help extend the life of your septic system, while saving yourself costly repair bills.

Personal Hygiene Products

Wet wipes, cotton balls, feminine products – any of these things can cause a clog. Many of these products – particularly [...] Continue Reading

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When Bad Pipes Happen to Good Businesses: What You Need To Know About Plumbing Maintenance

Although you should definitely have a professional plumbing company oversee your pipes in your business, there are some things that you should know about plumbing maintenance so that you can oversee the process as a whole. Below are just a few of the basic rules of taking care of your own plumbing so that when you use professionals, you can make sure that their services are focused on the more serious problems that you may have.

First of all, if you fix your leaky faucets, you [...] Continue Reading

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