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What do I do about a clogged bathroom drain?

Since we all use the bathroom every day, you want to make sure that all the equipment and tools employed in this room are working up to par. This of course includes the bathroom drain. Unfortunately, drains tend to clog up over time. When that happens, you need to take action. Clogged bathroom drains can be corrected through the following options.

Snaking and Jetting

If a toilet is clogged, you may need to hire a professional to perform either Jetting or Snaking services. That’s because for tough clogs, […] Continue Reading

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Buying a new home? Don’t forget to check the septic system!

The process of buying a new home can be exhilarating, but the task of inspecting every area of your new purchase can be overwhelming. This is especially true if you cannot see it right in front of you. Sadly, many homeowners learn about the septic system issues related to their home until after they buy — and it is too late.

A team of technicians of permitted certified septic inspectors can help you with the requirements of your state. When you call a profession company, you […] Continue Reading

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Do I need vactor services for my business?

Are you considering septic system services for your business but are not exactly sure what vactoring is? The word vactor may be new to you, but the device has functions that you are familiar with already, but with industrial strength. Vactors are high-powered machines that are wet-dry vacuums and have a secondary function as a high-pressure air jet that is key for removing caked on solid material from the walls of sewage water holding tanks. The way vactoring equipment is used in your business is […] Continue Reading

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The Importance of Using One Company for Your Home’s Entire Septic & Plumbing System

Drain cleaning, plumbing and pumping — many companies specialize in one of the three while others do it all. This is helpful for a majority of companies that have multiple operations under the same roof. Having one company do all your septic and plumbing services that knows your history is important when there is an emergency. If you have a drain issue or a plumbing issue further in the future, we can access the records from our database to make sure we do the job […] Continue Reading

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Oldie But Goodie: Wind River Cares about the Community

At Wind River Environmental, we take the time to give back to the community. Over the past years, we have sought out charities and other programs that require volunteers to show up to do heavy lifting. Throughout the year, we put our staff together to build a program we call our Summit program. Our intentions are to make a difference in the communities we serve, but we also do this because we want you to see us and get involved!

Types of volunteer projects we focus […] Continue Reading

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If You Plan to Sell Your Home, You May Need a Title V Inspection or ISDS Inspection!

When you are getting your home ready to sell, there is one part that you must not overlook. And that is your Title V septic system inspection. In many states, septic system inspections are now law and must be completed before the property can transfer to its new owner. Here is what you need to know!

Title V Inspection vs. ISDS Inspection

Depending on the state you live in, you will be required to perform either a Title V inspection or an ISDS inspection. A Title V […] Continue Reading

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Need high powered liquid waste removal? Look no further than vactoring!

Industrial plant managers and many business owners that process raw sewage at their facility will appreciate wet or dry vactoring. This is high-power system of cleaning your cesspools will be a service you will not regret. To get a better understanding of how this process works and why it is of value to your operations, read through the details we have provided below.

What is vactoring?

Before vactor equipment existed, the job of cleaning out solid sewage from a holding tank was still the same. The waste […] Continue Reading

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Why Is My Washer Backing Up? Could It Be a Septic Issue?

When your washing machine is backing and not draining, it could be related to a septic tank issue. This can happen especially if you have not gotten septic pumping service in over 6 months to maintain your system. Because your washing machine shares drainage with the rest of the outbound pipes in your house, there is a possibility that the septic tank is the culprit when the washer will not drain. To understand how or if a clogged septic tank is the reason your washing […] Continue Reading

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How much does it cost to replace a septic system?

If you are outside of a city, you most likely have a septic system that treats and disposes of your wastewater. If you’ve maintained your septic system, you will be able to keep it for approximately 20 – 30 years. If you septic system is aged for this amount of time and if you notice that it not working properly, or if the leach field is clogged, it is time to call a professional for an estimate on a repair or replacement.

What Is Involved

It is […] Continue Reading

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Introducing our new Video Library!

Wind River Environmental is proud to present a new video library. This is a great source of information and resources for both businesses and homeowners. Here customers can find videos to learn about Wind River Environmental’s residential and commercial services and hear customer testimonials.

Service Videos

This collection of videos explains Wind River’s commercial services. Here customers can learn about the range of services Wind River provides to meet the needs of any business. Wind River’s services include septic pumping, drain cleaning, plumbing, grease trap and tank inspection […] Continue Reading

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