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On Location: Liquid Waste Management For Supermarkets

If you run a grocery store, you have a ton of responsibilities. The last thing you need is an unexpected disaster that can hurt your reputation and quality of your products. When it comes to a supermarket’s wastewater systems, you do not want to skimp on repairs or routine maintenance. This is absolutely the best way to avoid emergencies and keep everything running smoothly. Let’s take a look at a few of the necessary services you’ll need at any supermarket.

Grease Traps
Because this is a food operation, […] Continue Reading

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5 Major Steps of Our Grease Trap Process

You should be very selective when choosing a service provider for your grease trap. A malfunctioning trap can cost your business a great deal of profit. Many waste management companies get away with doing the bare minimum. They may get water flowing for a short time, but you risk backups and health hazards caused by poorly serviced traps. Wind River Environmental is proud of our inspection process, and want you to know why. So, here is a summary of the measures we take to be […] Continue Reading

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What are the Essentials of a Filter for my Home Septic System?

There are three main components to your septic tank—the inlet pipe, the tank, and the outlet filter. When thinking on the subject of septic tanks, the filter is usually an afterthought. Nonetheless, it is the last effort to prevent damage to the leach field making it an important part of a successful septic system. Let’s look at the essentials of your septic filter.

How does it Work?
Once water inside the septic tank undergoes the separation process, it exits through the outlet pipe. This is where the […] Continue Reading

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On Location: Liquid Waste Management for Hair Salons

For many people, a trip to the salon is like a trip to the spa. They go to get pampered and gain a new sense of confidence from achieving a new look. The appeal of the salon environment makes all the difference for clients, so it’s important to keep it clean and smelling pleasant. Poor waste management would be an unwelcome problem for salon owners since it results in odors and backups on floors or furniture. Today we will touch on the “mane” troubles and […] Continue Reading

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Important State and Town Grease Trap Regulations

Access to clean, potable water is a fundamental need for any society and should be the responsibility of all who live within it. When sewer lines become contaminated with fats, oil and grease (FOG), waste can back up into homes and businesses. Even with on-site septic tanks, failure to maintain FOG will prove to be hazardous to the public. The community suffers when careless individuals do not take necessary precautions to protect drinking water. It is for this reason that state and towns must set […] Continue Reading

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What to Know About Septic Bacterial Additives

We are kicking off this week with a word about bacterial additives. It seems contradictory to add bacteria to a septic tank or cesspool. These are, after all, the holding containers for waste and the worst type of germs imaginable. But that’s science! Let’s take a look at how your system can benefit from these products.

Why Add Bacteria?
Bacteria will break down the organic solids in your septic tank. Without these aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms doing their thing, solid waste would build quickly and cause your […] Continue Reading

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On Location: Liquid Waste Management For Car Washes

A successful car wash produces massive amounts of wastewater. Due to environmental constraints, this wastewater must be treated properly and cannot be sent to places like storm drains. Storm drains eventually return the water to local rivers and streams without undergoing any filtration process. Wastewater from carwashes contains chemicals from detergents, oils, and other pollutants that can harm fish and wildlife. Therefore, when it’s time to deal with liquid waste, make sure you call on a reliable company with knowledge of what to expect at […] Continue Reading

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3 Things You Didn’t Know About Grease Traps But Should

It silently works day and night to keep your water flowing so your kitchen can operate efficiently. When all is well with your plumbing, it’s easy to forget about this advantageous machine. Today, we bring some well-deserved attention to our friend, the grease trap! Here are 3 things you may not know that will keep your trap at peak performance.

1. Strainers Assist Your Trap
Strainers are really good at catching food and debris and keeping them from entering your wastewater systems. They are relatively inexpensive and […] Continue Reading

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Choosing a Septic System Provider For Your Home

If you’re in a new neighborhood looking to have your septic tank pumped, it can be challenging to find a trustworthy environmental company to provide you with quality service. This is true in any industry, but especially so with services that aren’t as frequently discussed. We have over 60 years of experience in wastewater management and would like to share some tips on choosing the right company to service your septic system.

Knowledge and Credibility
Look for companies that have all the proper licensing and insurance, and […] Continue Reading

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How to Choose a Quality Plumber For Your Business

With so many options, it can be overwhelming to find a reliable service provider in any field. With over 60 years of experience in environmental services, we feel qualified to give advice on choosing a plumber and have compiled a few questions to consider when researching a company in this industry.

Are They Licensed and Insured?
Hiring a licensed plumber ensures you are getting someone with skills and proper training in this field. Using an insured company gives you security in case something goes awry. If anyone […] Continue Reading

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