At Wind River Environmental, we take the hassle out of septic and cesspool care. Our expert and dependable technicians not only service your system, but they also educate and advise you on proper septic maintenance so that you can avoid costly repairs in the future. Wind River Environmental looks out for you.

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"I am writing to share a compliment about your tech, Alex, who came to my house this morning to provide routine service on my septic tank. He was challenged by backing into my driveway on a very busy road and did a fine job!! He was able to locate and efficiently remove the cover & neatly replaced the grass. He approached his work with a smile and was very focused. Alex was genuinely knowledgeable about the condition and need of the system. He willingly uncovered and recovered the tank a second time to apply bacteria additives that I agreed to purchase after he explained their purpose and use. I felt it was worth my time to let you know that this young employee represented your company with a positive approach and exemplary customer service. Thank you!"

Diane, Norwell, MA

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