Drain Cleaning

If a toilet or bathroom drain is clogged at your business, you may not need septic pumping service. Instead, Wind River Environmental provides drain cleaning services to clear clogged drains by jetting or snaking. Our cameras will also identify problems from the inside of the drain. Wind River Environmental's customer service professionals are trained to ask all the appropriate questions to diagnose your drain cleaning problem. Request Drain Cleaning Service now.

Video Camera Inspections

Wind River Environmental technicians are equipped with tiny video cameras that will allow us to diagnose problems in your system lines in an effort to avoid the nuisance caused by digging up the pipes, distribution box, etc. The video cameras can be used to determine if there is a break or crack in a line, or if there is a root issue.

Septic tanks and leach fields must be maintained regularly. The septic system can function correctly for several years if properly maintained.


Snaking and Jetting

For soft blockages, our Wind River Environmental Drain Cleaning team is equipped with high pressure water jetters that can blast through and clear lines of any length. For hard blockages, our experienced team can also snake through lines and get your drains flowing again.

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"The Wind River service technician explained everything very well, was friendly, and did a careful job replacing the top and soil very neatly. His infomation was very helpful!"

Chris, Wenham MA

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