Restaurants: Keeping the Drains Clean

June 12th, 2013 BY No Comments

inside grease trap serviceRestaurants differ in styles, themes and menu items as well as the types of customers that they attract. Although they differ in a wide range of areas, one aspect they do not differ in is their need to keep their drains in tip-top shape.

Food service facilities produce an assortment of food waste, including oils and grease. When these substances find their way into the facilities' drains, costly repairs are sure to make their selves present. These costly repairs will eat their way into a restaurant's profit levels, making it necessary that they be avoided at all costs.

Unfortunately, there is no way for a restaurant to become immune to drain problems. On the upside though, there are several things that restaurants can do to ensure their drains stay in the best shape possible. Keeping drains in tip-top shape will help in avoiding the following problems:

From bars to high-end dining restaurants to bakeries located at universities, it is important for all dining facilities to take the following tips to heart.

Tip #1: Avoid Bleach

Every restaurant needs several containers of bleach on hand at any given time, but this substance should be used to control food borne illnesses, not to keep the drains clean. Many restaurant owners use bleach as a way to rid of drain odor problems, but it only masks the problem, making it worse later down the road. Furthermore, bleach should not be poured down the drains because it kills "good bacteria," which is needed for the drains to function properly.

Tip #2: Hire a Professional

When it comes to keeping the drains clean, it is imperative to obtain drain cleaning services from a professional company on a regular basis. Such services can be obtained for very affordable prices, and better yet, they will help to avoid costly repairs that will be endured if the drains are not properly maintained. Furthermore, the services will help in keeping customers happy because there will only be a small possibility that a backup will occur; this will help in making sure the septic system and/or grease trap works properly as well as in making sure that foul odors are kept out of the kitchen and dining areas.


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