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Wind River’s Hy Vac Service Handles the Toughest Jobs


Wind River’s fleet of pump trucks are excellent at removing liquid, grease, and sludge from septic systems, storm drains, and grease tanks. But bigger jobs call for more power, and that’s where our heavy-duty Hy Vac trucks come in to make our Hy Vac service the best in the business!

What Makes Hy Vac Trucks Special?

Not only do High Vacuum (Hy Vac) trucks remove liquid waste, they can also extract debris and break up hardened grease that a pump may leave behind. Thanks to their powerful high-velocity water jets (which operate at an astonishing 80 gallons per minute), Hy Vac service can even restore a tank or catch basin to its original condition.

When Do You Need Hy Vac Service?

While pump trucks can be utilized for a variety of everyday needs, Hy Vac trucks are typically used in more challenging commercial and municipal applications, such as:

  • Maintenance of gas and oil lines by utility companies and sewer lines and storm drains by municipal services.
  • Flood cleanup! These trucks are essential in removing leftover stormwater from submerged areas and storm drains. The Hy Vac can even pick up grit, sand, and small rocks, as well as remove hazardous sludge so it can be safely disposed of.
  • Hydro Excavation. Professional contractors and utility companies often rely on Hy Vac trucks to get the job done. With a combination of pressurized water and a powerful air vacuum, soil can be moved or removed in a way that is less disruptive and destructive than traditional methods, allowing for easier installation and repair of pipes and cables.

Contact Wind River Environmental With Your Hy Vac Service Needs Today!

Regardless of your specific needs, Wind River has the right equipment and know-how to handle the job. Our top-of-the-line Hy Vac trucks (made by GapVax and Vactor) can easily tackle your toughest commercial and municipal pumping and excavating needs. Check out our full range of Hy Vac services for a complete list of offerings, and to schedule service for your business today!