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Wind River’s Constant Flow Maintenance Program for Restaurants

Preventing Backups and Overflow at Restaurants

A septic system clogged with grease can be a nightmare for a busy restaurant when backups cause overflow on the premises. At Wind River Environmental we’re always ready to tackle emergencies to keep restaurant owners up and running, but we’ve found that the best way to deal with septic emergencies is to prevent them from occurring at all.

Total Food Service reports on their website that two restaurants had to close their doors recently due to lack of service on the grease traps. This led to flooded basements caused by sewer back-ups. The restaurants were shut down completely while excess grease was removed from the premises and clogged sewer lines were power-jetted. Total Food Service goes on to state that:

“This costly service and lost sales could have been prevented had their equipment been properly maintained on a regular basis.”

We at Wind River Environmental wholeheartedly agree, which is why we’ve instituted our Constant Flow Maintenance Program to avoid costly emergency repairs and shutdowns, not to mention possible health code violations and fines for restaurants and food service businesses. We’ve found that most businesses discover by experience that a preventive maintenance program is a very wise investment in the long run.

Constant Flow Maintenance Program

Simply put, when you enroll in a Constant Flow Maintenance Program the wastewater treatment experts at Wind River Environmental take ownership of your septic system for one flat monthly fee. If anything goes awry with the system while you’re in the program we handle the repairs at no additional charge.

You can choose comprehensive maintenance for the entire system, or have us service certain high-maintenance aspects of the system. Every business is different of course, and we’ll customize the Constant Flow Maintenance Program to suit your specific maintenance needs. We can schedule regular preventive maintenance to cover:

  • Inside grease
  • Outside grease
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Plumbing
  • Inside the foundation
  • Outside the foundation

We’re happy to provide the Constant Flow Maintenance Program for all those who can benefit including all foodservice-related businesses, restaurants, supermarkets, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions. Don’t hesitate to contact us for the septic system support your business needs.