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Wind River Environmental Town Spotlight: Plymouth, MA

An Exciting Time For Plymouth, MA

At Wind River Environmental, we couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of the Plymouth, MA community as the historic town prepares to celebrate the 400th anniversary of its founding in 1620. Our beloved Mayflower II replica is away from her home berth now as she undergoes a full restoration at Mystic Seaport, but we’ll have the grand old ship home in time for the commemoration celebration. You can follow the progress at this link. 

Located right between Boston and Cape Cod, this town is rich in Native American and US history. Today, Plymouth is still a vibrant community with a population of nearly 59,000 residents.  From whale-watching and water sports to cranberry harvests and ghost hunting, there’s something for everyone in Plymouth, MA!

Septic Pumping Services for Plymouth, MA

In a landmark town like Plymouth, environmental responsibility is important to the folks who live there. Your septic system plays an essential role in the proper disposal of wastewater in an environmentally safe way. At Wind River Environmental, the most frequently offered and best advice we can give to maintain a properly functioning septic system is to pump your septic tank regularly.

Unchecked sludge, the solid waste which accumulates in your septic tank, can cause clogs and backups which are hazardous to your household health and the surrounding community environment. The septic tank’s purpose is to capture sludge and release only the effluent (liquid) layer of wastewater to your septic leach field for natural reabsorption.

Wind River Environmental has the expertise and high-powered equipment to remove the sludge at regular intervals and to dispose of it in an environmentally responsible manner. You can avoid costly repairs and hazardous backflows by scheduling pumping service today!

Full Septic and Drain Services at Wind River Environmental

We’re proud to serve the Plymouth, MA community, and we want you to know that our services go beyond septic tank pumping. We offer plumbing, drain cleaning, and certified septic system inspection services for residential as well as commercial customers. We have preventive maintenance programs which help you avoid costly problems before they occur, and our team is always standing by for emergency repairs as needed for all members of the Plymouth, MA community.

Having problems with your septic system? Maybe you just want to have someone check up on your business’s grease trap? Then you know who to call – Wind River Environmental!