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Spotlight: Delightful Essex, CT – Pretty as a Postcard


Essex, CT is the Perfect Small Town

How many cities can you visit in America where the local inn (the Gris) has been bedding people since 1776? It’s really pretty cool stuff! Essex, CT prides itself, as it should, on being named the “Perfect Small American Town” in 1,000 Places to See Before You Die. It is – quite literally- as pretty as a postcard.

The Colorful History of Essex, CT

First settled in 1635, life for the few original families banding together centered around the sea and the church. Slowly but surely, they not only survived but thrived. Shipbuilding was the main economy of the area. During the War of 1812, between President Jefferson’s embargo and the British blockade of the river, ships weren’t selling. To counter this, local shipbuilders began constructing blockade runners known as privateers. They would sneak past the blockade, bringing back contraband to sell to stay afloat.

With such a colorful history and such a beautiful town today, everyone who lives here or even just visits wants to see the area remain clean and healthy forever. That’s where we come in. Wind River Environmental is a non-hazardous liquid waste company dedicated to serving residents, commercial and municipal principalities.

Wind River Environmental’s Services in Essex, CT

Some of the many services we provide include installation and repair of septic tanks, grease traps, and industrial waste systems. From plumbing and drain cleaning to exterior tanks and leach fields, we are a full-service company.

There are a few things you don’t know about us that are at the very core of what makes us stand out. Firstly,  we have over 300 team members, and all are graduates of our in-house training program, Wind River University. Secondly, we have more state-certified systems inspectors than any company in the industry.

So when you need help with your septic system, drainage problems, etc, call on us. We are here to serve you 365/7/24 with a live person always answering the phone.