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Septic System Inspections:  Title 5 vs. ISDS

PassFail-SmallWith all the inspections out there, it’s easy to get confused. Different states have different requirements, and it takes some work to learn all the rules and regulations. Today, we hope to take some of that work off your plate and provide a simple description of the 2 major inspections we perform in New England.

Title V – Massachusetts
Title 5 septic inspections are required in the state of Massachusetts before a real estate transaction can take place. It is important to have this completed when you are selling your home, or you could delay the closing and lose a potential buyer. You could also be required to pass a Title 5 inspection when making a structural change to the property, such as adding a room or patio.

The inspection itself is very detailed, includes photos and must be done by a licensed inspector. During the inspection, the inspector will locate and examine all components of your septic system to fully evaluate its efficiency. Pumping is usually done as part of a thorough inspection if the tank has not been pumped recently. It takes 10-14 business days for a customer to receive the results of the inspection, which will either be a Pass, Fail or Conditional Pass. With a Conditional Pass, some work or repairs need to be completed before the board of health would inspect the repair and issue a Certificate of Compliance. The Certificate of Compliance combined with the Conditional Pass equals a grade of Pass.

ISDS – Rhode Island
Residents of Rhode Island participate in an Individual Sewage Disposal System (ISDS) inspection. It is less involved than a Title V, but the septic tank must be emptied and every part evaluated. Your local Board of Health will notify you by mail when this inspection is due, so it is not necessarily driven by real estate transactions or construction. During your ISDS inspection, a certified technician will conduct a flow test, check your septic components, check for staining and any other potential issues, and write up the condition report of the system. If the inspector feels it is necessary, he will also pump the tank.

There are 2 types of ISDS reports:

  • Maintenance Inspection Report – Used to determine the need for pumping and to identify minor problems before they become major.
  • Functional Inspection Report – Used to determine whether a system is adequate to serve the wastewater disposal needs of the household.

Wind River Environmental is Certified
Wind River Environmental’s expert staff is authorized to perform all of these inspections in both states. Additionally, we provide all the official documentation you’ll need to present to the Board of Health. Remember, our online portal is conveniently available to all customers so you can keep track of your essential paperwork without cluttering up your home or office.  When it comes to septic inspections, Wind River Environmental’s got you covered! Contact Us or Request Service Now.