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Septic Services 101 at Wind River Environmental

So you’re thinking about scheduling septic services with Wind River Environmental, but you still have a couple questions. What is my first service call going to be like? Will I have to be at home for every regularly scheduled maintenance?

Don’t worry – it’s perfectly normal to have questions! But by the time you’re done reading this article, we’re sure you’ll be reaching for your phone to give us a call without hesitation.


Septic Services 101 – What to Expect From Wind River Environmental


Your First Septic Service Call

Once you’ve begun your septic services with Wind River Environmental you won’t need to be home for regularly scheduled maintenance, but we do prefer someone to be at home for the first septic service call. Our technician will introduce himself and let you know when he’s ready to start pumping the tank.

You’ll be relieved to know that we don’t come charging in with a backhoe for regular preventative maintenance pumping operations. If the tank cover is below ground level, our technician will dig carefully using only a shovel and a tarp for placement of sod and soil, thus preventing any mess on the surrounding lawn!


Solids and Liquids in the Septic Tank

Once access to the septic tank has been accomplished, our experienced technician will note the levels of solids and liquids inside. If he notices that the level of solids is excessive, he’ll recommend a bacterial additive – such as our CCLS product – to cultivate a culture of bacteria that eat away the biomaterial built up in the tank.


Septic Pumping and Follow-up

Our technician will then commence pumping the solid layer (sludge) from your tank. If your septic system uses filters, he’ll take this opportunity to clean them with a garden hose to maintain good flow throughout the septic system. Once the septic tank has been pumped, he’ll backfill, replacing the soil and sod as carefully as is possible.

Once pumping and backfilling has been taken care of, our technician will get you up to speed on the overall condition of your septic system. He’ll offer any recommendations he may have to maintain the system at peak performance.

Once the first service visit is completed, you won’t need to be at home for future scheduled septic pumping calls! Our technician will compile a detailed service report, and you’ll receive a prompt email containing all of our technician’s notes and recommendations.


Septic Services and More at Wind River Environmental

Regular septic tank pumping is the best preventative maintenance practice to keep your septic system functioning at peak performance, and we’re happy to provide that service for residential and commercial customers alike! That vital service is not all we provide, however.

You can look to Wind River Environmental as your first resource for all of your septic, grease trap, drain cleaning, and plumbing needs. If you are having problems with any of these areas, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!