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Septic Maintenance Tips to Get Ready For the Fall


Natural-Autumn-LeavesAre you tired of humidity and temperatures in the triple digits? Or are you one of those who is sad to see lake and swimming pool season end? Well, fall is just around the corner and cooler weather is on the way. Get ready for pumpkin spiced lattes, autumn leaves and apple cider…oh and these septic maintenance tips.

Pump Service
Fall is a good time to service your septic tank. Once the heavy snows hit, it’s difficult to locate and expose the cover of your tank. Also, if you happen to need any excavation work, the ground is much harder to dig through. Go ahead and take care of this preventative measure before winter arrives.

Clear Surroundings
Autumn leaves and other yardwork remnants may make their way near your septic system. It’s best to try and keep the area around your septic cover and leach field clear of leaves and other debris. This way, your septic facilities can be easily accessed during an emergency situation.

Move Heavy Equipment
When taking care of yardwork or other landscaping projects, don’t forget to put heavy equipment away. Leaving a riding lawnmower or a truckload of mulch on your septic system can damage the tank and drain lines. You also don’t want to plant trees or shrubs nearby because the roots will break right through your pipes.

Be Prepared
Whether you’re happy or sad about fall, make sure you take action and get your septic system ready. Avoid wastewater disasters and inconveniences by following our advice and taking preventative measures seriously. For more tips or to learn about our septic services, Contact Us or Request Service Today.