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Septic Cleaning in Hollis, New Hampshire

The Gorgeous Town of Hollis, New Hampshire

Hollis is a quiet, rural town, yet right next to Nashua and within an hour’s drive of Boston. You can enjoy a picnic and swim at Silver Lake, buy something unusual at the Sunday Flea Market, or get fresh, locally grown vegetables at any of the town’s farm stands. In winter there’s local cross-country skiing, and it’s not far to the White Mountains. It’s not the big city, though, and residents have to deal with their own water and leach fields. Don’t worry, though. We’re ready to help out, so schedule your septic pumping in Hollis, New Hampshire today!

The History of Hollis, New Hamshire

The history of the town dates back to before the American Revolution. When John Boynton brought the news of the fighting at Lexington, 92 men assembled at the town common and joined the forces that ultimately drove the Redcoats out. Three of them lost their lives at Bunker Hill. Those were the days before indoor plumbing, septic services, and septic repairs. Almost everyone lived on a farm, so waste didn’t go to waste.

In the early nineteenth century, Hollis was a minor mill town, with six sawmills and five grain mills in 1820. No rivers go through the town, so it didn’t get the industrial development which Nashua and Manchester, NH enjoyed (or perhaps endured). With septic pumping still a thing of the future, though, its streams had to carry waste to the Nashua and Merrimack Rivers, adding to their pollution. Today those streams are clean again and form a pleasant part of the town’s landscape.

It was the middle of the nineteenth century before indoor plumbing became common. After that, people had to put up with little nuisances like clogged drains, but the town became considerably cleaner. Today, the smell of fertilizer is confined to the town’s many farmlands. Thanks in part to indoor plumbing and septic cleaning, Hollis has a twenty-first-century cleanliness to go with its old New England heritage.

Contact Wind River Environmental About Septic Cleaning in Hollis, New Hampshire

At Wind River Environmental, we’re proud to serve Hollis, New Hampshire! Not only do we perform septic cleaning, but we also can unclog drains, install grease traps, perform preventative maintenance, and more! If you’re interested in any of our services, please contact us today!