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Scituate Town Spotlight

The small town of Scituate, Massachusetts is home to about 17,863 people and is set on the seashore of Cape Cod. The date of the earliest records show that people from Plymouth started to settle in 1633 in Scituate, Massachusetts, but the town was officially incorporated in 1636. The name Scituate is derived from an Indian word that means “cold brook” and this refers to the small stream that flows into the harbor.

Wind River and Scituate

At Wind River Environmental, we are used to working with all varieties of locations and populations to help them with any of their septic, drain cleaning, and plumbing needs. We would love to provide the people of Scituate, Massachusetts with septic services, drain cleaning services, or plumbing services. We are committed to extending the life of your septic service in Scituate and we will help you keep your septic system running smoothly.

How Can Wind River Help?

Having routine checkups on your system and having the septic and cesspool systems pumped is key to maintaining a healthy system. We are available to repair your septic system, design and install a new septic system for you, and rejuvenate your septic system.

If your toilet or bathroom drain is clogged, there is good news though. You may not need a septic pumping service because it could just need a simple fix such as drain cleaning by jetting or snaking the drains. At Wind River Environmental, we have the ability to use tiny video cameras to diagnose the problem from within the drain itself. We can also jet out the sewer if there are blockages in your main plumbing line and many people, in fact, schedule yearly sewer jetting services to stay on top of things and be proactive rather than reactive.

We are proud to serve the great people of Scituate, Massachusetts and would love to provide you with our top quality service as well!  Contact us today to schedule your services!