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Mild winter weather is allowing our technicians to easily locate and pump out septic systems. Take advantage of our extended New Year Sales Event!

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Septic and Cesspool Pumping

Routine septic and cesspool pumping are the key to maintaining a healthy residential septic system.

Wind Rivers technicians will inspect each component of your system to make sure everything is in good working condition and will continue to work for years to come.
Kim L.

“Ruben walked us through every little detail & answered every question we had with a smile! Highly recommended!”

Septic Rejuvenation

Over time, issues can arise. Every so often, a special cleaning is required to help rejuvenate the soil absorption system.

Our technicians are trained best-in-class to pump your leach field area, install the proper equipment, and make sure everything is working correctly.

Rob P.

“My experience with Wind River Environmental 5 Star all the way. The technician was friendly and professional as well as tenacious working through a difficult problem”

Septic System Cover Replacement

Septic systems with faulty covers can pose serious danger to anyone who comes within close proximity.

Wind River will evaluate the condition of your covers and make recommendations if a replacement cover or riser is recommended.

Dave Z.

“Have been a home owner with septic tanks for nearly 30 years. We will only call Wind River for service”

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