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Reduced Staff for the Holidays – Perfect for PM!

Whether it’s the holiday season or the middle of summer, operating with a reduced staff is the perfect time of year to remember about preventative maintenance.

With the change in worker availability, decisions need to be made in regards to septic maintenance services. Even with fewer employees, hi-vac, jetting, and digester cleaning is still an important part of regular maintenance. Neglecting these services or changing scheduled cleaning has the same negative effects no matter how many people are working. 


These are some municipal septic services that are always needed, regardless of staff size.




Ignoring high-pressure vacuum services, especially during holidays with fewer employees, leads to catch basin overflows, pipeline blockages, and lift station failures. The less frequently services are scheduled, the more buildup threatens to impact your workflow. Cleaning solids, liquids, and sludge prevents major issues from slowing down work and potentially causing municipality-wide problems. Septic services high-pressure vacuuming you should consider include:


  • Stormwater removal
  • Catch basin vacuuming
  • Lift station vacuuming 
  • Rooftop snow and debris removal


These are year-round services that are crucial to maintain the health of your liquid waste system, but prioritizing this maintenance around holiday vacations ensures that you can head into the new year with peace of mind that everything is operating as it should.



Even with a smaller workforce, pipes still need monitoring and cleaning, especially if it’s been a while since they’ve been inspected. A clogged mainline causes slowdowns, backup, and a general drop in efficiency. Scheduling yearly appointments for the jetting of lines is the perfect way to prevent problems before their warning signs appear. It’s always safer to practice preventative maintenance as opposed to calling your septic service provider once an emergency starts.


Digester Cleaning


Digester cleaning is crucial, especially on reduced staff. Having your digester suffer from waste buildup without scheduling a cleaning creates major problems. Your community is less efficiently serviced when the digester isn’t operating at its peak ability. If you’re unsure of how frequently the digester needs cleaning, ask your local septic experts about their pumping and hauling services.


Think of cleaning the digester during the holiday season as preventative maintenance, so when the workforce returns to full capacity, you have one less thing to worry about. Regular maintenance of municipal digesters is a year-round necessity and a good septic service provider is able to meet your needs at any time of the day or year.


Wind River Environmental offers 24/7 support to provide the highest quality municipal septic cleaning and maintenance. Complete the form at the link on the top of this page to schedule hi-vac, jetting, digester cleaning, or any additional pumping services. If you have any questions about septic maintenance during the holiday season, contact us today!