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Real Estate Septic System Inspections

While at face value, it may seem cheaper to forgo a real estate septic system inspection. The long-term financial benefits and security from an inspected system are far greater.

As with so many decisions you make for your home, the decision of whether or not to have a pre-sale septic inspection often comes down to the cost versus the potential benefit. Unfortunately, this answer isn’t always initially clear. For buying or selling a property with a  septic system, it’s important to look further than just the upfront cost. When considering a real estate septic system inspection, compare the cost to the possible savings that septic system inspection can identify for the transaction and the duration of your homeownership.

Why Have a Septic Inspection

Septic inspections across the country look different from each other due to every state’s unique requirements. Septic service providers like Wind River Environmental are well-versed in the state-by-state criteria for an inspection. Some specifications relate to a requirement by your state when a home is bought or sold, others dictate a certain time frame of selling the home—or even remodeling—within which your state may require an inspection.

In addition to being required in some states, it’s a useful way to ensure your new septic system is working properly. For both home buyers experienced with septic systems or even first-time users, the knowledge that there aren’t any immediate issues with your system offers peace of mind and reassurance that everything is functioning properly.

How Much Does it Cost?

This is another factor that depends on your state and the specifics of the septic system. These specifics include system size and location, soil conditions, and any other restrictions on-site. Generally, an inspection is going to be much cheaper than any kind of repair. The issue shouldn’t be the cost of an inspection, the bigger problem is how much it costs to skip one and risk any complications down the line.

Contact Wind River Environmental for a more in-depth assessment of your septic system and inspection costs.

Is a Septic Inspection Worth It?

A septic inspection is one of the most worthwhile choices a home buyer or seller can make. From both a financial and safety standpoint, septic inspections offer incredible value. Not only will you figure out which aspects of your septic system have damage or need repairs, but the inspectors identify any future work your system needs. Experienced service providers not only make sure you are aware of the necessary work (if any) to pass inspections, but also that you have the information and resources to maintain a safe and efficient septic system.  Often times, if the property has been a customer of Wind River Environmental in the past, you will also have access to the entire service history of the system as well.

Repairing a broken pipe or faulty septic tank isn’t only a financial inconvenience, but depending on the severity of system failure, you’re looking at days without a septic system. By scheduling an initial inspection—and following up with regular preventative maintenance—you can avoid any disasters that come with faulty septic systems.

Trust Only A Certified Septic System Inspector

Homebuyers need a certified septic service provider, so why not trust one with decades of experience in residential septic system inspection? Wind River Environmental offers residential septic inspections across 16 states on the east coast. With 24/7 coverage, it’s easy to schedule one before any real estate transaction. If you’re interested in an inspection or are in need of any septic system services, don’t hesitate to contact us today!