The Serenity of Small-Town Life in Milford, NH

Living in Milford, NH is a treat for all who embrace small-town life. Whether you are a resident with a septic system, a business with inside grease traps, or a municipality needing wastewater treatment, Wind River Environmental is here to serve you! Let’s spotlight professional waste management that we provide for Milford.

Life In Milford, NH

Milford, NH, founded in 1794, has a rich history. Its name was derived from a mill built on a ford on the Souhegan River.  It was nicknamed “The Granite City” due to a large number of high-quality granite quarries in highest operation from 1850 to 1930, though only one remained as of 2017. Milford was a prime stop on the underground railroad. It was also the home of Harriet E Wilson, the first female African American novelist published in the US in 1859.

Today, with a population just over 15,000, Milford remains the manufacturing and retail center of a six-town area. Although too large now to know “everyone in town”, it remains quintessential small-town America that Normal Rockwell so aptly portrayed in his works. One of the highlights of the year for residents is the annual Pumpkin Festival each October.

Septic Services in Milford, NH

Residents and businesses throughout the Milford area can depend on Wind River Environmental for all of their septic system service needs. Serving New England since 1946, our services include everything from pipelining to problem-solving to preventative maintenance for residential customers. We also offer extended services for commercial customers including inside grease trap services and drain cleaning. For municipalities, we provide wastewater treatment facilities, catch basin cleaning, and sludge hauling, just to name a few.

We are proud to provide septic service for Milford and the surrounding area. This spotlight on Milford NH showcases our professional waste management services. We look forward to assisting you. Call us today for all of your septic service needs!