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How To Prevent Blockages In Your Main Plumbing Line

dos-and-dontsThe Christmas season can be hectic and busy, so there’s no need to add drain problems to your final days of 2016. In addition to septic issues, your home can have problems in the drain lines as well, and it’s important to prevent both. Today we’re looking at some ways you can keep your main plumbing line clear of obstructions, making sure this doesn’t interfere with your holiday festivities.

Proper Disposal of FOG
Fats, oils and grease (FOG) should be collected and tossed in the trash. Washing these down the drain is harmful to your pipes because they harden and stick when they cool. You then have a glue-like  substance which eventually builds up and blocks water flow.

Stay Away From Store Products That Clear Drains
You’ve probably heard of Drano, Liquid Plumr or a similar product designed to get rid of clogs in your home. Unfortunately, they contain corrosive ingredients that can make things worse by eating away at your pipes. Also, if you apply these incorrectly, they can harden and clog your drains even more. Try a natural solution like baking soda and vinegar to break up stubborn clogs. If that still doesn’t work, call a professional who can safely remove any blockages.

Use A Strainer
Our technicians often find items in drain lines that have no business being there such as jewelry or small toys. One way to prevent this is to use a strainer to catch anything that could accidentally fall through. This will save your valuables while also decreasing the chance of objects clogging up your plumbing.

You Do Your Part, and We’ll Do Ours

If you slip up and forget these preventative measures, don’t worry. Wind River Environmental is equipped with the latest and greatest tools to get your water flowing again when clogs strike. To clear your drain lines, we may use snaking, jetting, camera inspections or a combination of those. Just remember to rely on trained experts to fix the problem so that you don’t make it worse or cause harm to yourself. Don’t let drain blockages ruin your holidays, Contact Us for all your septic and plumbing needs.