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What Is Perma-LinerTM Cured-In-Place Pipe


img_00000371Perma-LinerTM is a blessing to all who have saved time and money from using it. Thanks to this pipelining technology, customers no longer have to pay for expensive pipe repairs or replacements that involve digging up entire yards or parking lots. Instead, only 2 holes are dug to access the damaged pipes underground. Essentially, we form a new pipe inside the old one using a Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) technique. Perma-LinerTM offers a couple of these innovative pipelining solutions, and we have used them for a number of happy customers.

How It Works
When a pipe breaks, a resin tube is inserted into it and is positioned using water or air pressure. It’s then cured to form a corrosion-resistant, watertight seal. This method works best in pipes with a diameter of at least 2 inches so that we have room for the new pipe. We have applications that can also handle very large pipes over 28 inches.

What if your pipes aren’t damaged but are old, and you don’t want them to rust or break? For this, we use epoxy which is a great material for preventing corrosion and leaks. With this eco-friendly method, epoxy is used to coat and reline the inside walls of pipes. This technique is safe, durable and preserves the life of the existing piping. Again, the pipe would ideally need to be between 2-30 inches in diameter to be able to accommodate the liner.

(Non) Groundbreaking Perma-LinerTM Technology
We are always looking for ways to improve wastewater repair methods, and this one is a true winner. Wind River Environmental is proud to be one of the few companies in the New England area to offer these groundbreaking (but literally, non-groundbreaking) pipelining services. Before forking out a ton of money to replace old or damaged pipes, let our technicians determine whether you are a candidate for one of these trenchless solutions. Contact Wind River Environmental or Request Pipelining Services Now.