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October’s Messiest Drain Award

back-upWe received calls from several stores in a local shopping plaza that were experiencing backups in their bathrooms. It seemed logical that there might be a clog in the main line, so our tech took measures to go in and break up the blockage. However, after cabling the line, there was no evidence of an obstruction. The tech decided to try plan B and check out the lift station for the plaza’s wastewater treatment system. Sure enough, it had malfunctioned and was no longer pumping liquid out to the sewer line. This was a more involved job, so we summoned our projects team to get started on the emergency repairs. Due to the combined efforts of the technician and projects team, we were able to get wastewater at the plaza flowing that same day. The shops were amazed at the speed of our service and couldn’t thank us enough.

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When it comes to wastewater issues, we are the industry experts. This scenario would have ended very differently if it had been handled by a less experienced company or one with a narrower level of expertise. Luckily Wind River Environmental does it all, and we have the manpower to manage all types of jobs at the drop of a hat. Whether it’s a commercial or residential issue, we provide fast and reliable service so your daily routine suffers minimal disruption.

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