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October’s Messiest Clogged Sink

The award for the messiest drain in October goes to…

Drumroll, please…

A clogged 3 bay kitchen sink!

The water wouldn’t drain from the sink, causing dishes to back up and the business to screech to a halt. After arriving on the scene, we set to work snaking the clogged sink drains leading to the grease trap. A mysterious ball of rubber gloves emerged from the drain and the water began to drain freely once again. The key to avoiding a clogged sink is to prevent large objects from falling into the drain. There are two important facts to take away from this unfortunately clogged sink.

Using a mesh strainer to keep clogs away

Drains are large open holes that suck up huge amounts water and anything else that will fit through the opening. By placing a metal strainer over the opening, objects that normally clog the drain are left in the sink. Strainers are a piece of metal mesh that covers the drain opening. The water seeps through the tiny holes and leaves larger particles behind.

Avoid a clogged sink by being cautious with certain items

Imagine this scenario: giant metal pans and baking dishes pile up in the sink waiting for a good scrub. The dish washer puts on their rubber gloves and begins working. After finishing, the dish washer lays their gloves on the edge of the sink. The water level falls and with it, the precariously perched gloves slip away into the drain.

This is just one way objects make their way into drains. Paper products have the potential to create a clogged sink as well. Some paper products do not dissolve quickly and become trapped in the lines. Avoid placing objects that have the potential to fall into the drain and create a serious clog in the sink.

Contact us for more information about professional drain cleaning and ways to prevent clogged sinks.