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When Do I Need Hy Vac Services?

Baldelli_20140819_2142One of our most valuable commercial services is our hy vac service. These are generally used for big jobs when a regular pump truck may not be sufficient. Using our Vactor 2100 Plus, we can vacuum out a large area very quickly and thoroughly. This includes lift stations, pump chambers or catch basins with depths of 30-40 feet. When forces are reversed, powerful jets can clear away tough debris by shooting out 80 gallons of water per minute. Here are a few more examples where customers have used our hy vac services.

Storm water removal – When flooding invades homes or towns, this advanced equipment removes water from the unwanted area and pumps it into a truck to be transported elsewhere.

Leachate removal – Whether from landfills or septic tanks, vactors are designed to handle this kind of waste.

Liquid sludge removal – For thick waste often found in septic tanks or cesspools, hy vac services are effective for this type of abstraction.

Cake sludge removal – Cake sludge is dried out and difficult to remove requiring the strongest methods of cleaning.

Alum sludge removal – Often created in water treatment plants, this type of waste is difficult to handle and must be disposed of properly.

Pumping digesters and lagoons – Hy vac services can handle large amounts of waste from farm animals that are processed by these machines.

Large or small catch basin vacuuming – The vactor is great for removing sand and debris from catch basins.

Lift station and main vacuuming – These often require the ability to reach great depths making hy vac services necessary.

Exterior grease trap vactoring – Fats, oils, and grease that build up in grease traps must be pumped out, and hy vac services are perfect for removing this heavy waste.

We Hy-lee Recommend Hy Vac
If your business is on hold, and you’re in need of any of the above services, let us help. We’ll have you up and running in no time. Having a high-tech machine like the Vactor 2100 Plus in our arsenal gives customers access to the finest methods of waste removal and sets us apart from other waste management companies. If you have questions about hy vac services, or would like to learn whether you are a good candidate for our services, Contact Wind River Environmental today.