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Are Municipal Hy Vac Services Capable of Handling Severe Weather Events?


Baldelli_20140819_2164The short answer is yes!

After heavy storms and flooding, it’s not unusual for wastewater facilities to take a beating. Leach fields can lose their ability to absorb moisture due to all the excess water, and septic tanks can overflow. Municipalities can be affected as well. Flood waters have a bad habit of carrying all kinds of trash and debris into catch basins. This causes clogs, which is counterproductive in a flood situation.

Hy Vac to the Rescue!
Thanks to the power of our hy vac trucks, cleaning out a 40-foot-deep catch basin is a cinch. Wind River technicians simply add key attachments to the vactor trucks and get to work. They can quickly remove leaves, garbage, grit and muck from deep depths and get catch basins working again in no time. Our vactor trucks have even been used to assist with catastrophes such as Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Our trucks were instrumental in cleaning up flood waters and removing debris from dangerous areas.

Start Benefitting from Hy Vac Service
Vactoring will get a big job done quickly and efficiently while reducing overall labor costs. Before reading this, you may have thought vactoring services only applied to food industries. Although it’s important for restaurants and grocery stores to maintain clean septic systems, other establishments need to follow suit. Sanitary sewage and septic facilities support a healthy environment and even help to clean the air you breathe. Contact the hy vac experts at Wind River Environmental to find out how your town can benefit from this affordable alternative to traditional methods of cleaning.