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From Massachusetts? Make Sure You Know These State Septic Mandates

MA State HouseToday’s topic is for the Bay Staters who own or use commercial septic systems. We just want to remind you to stay up to date on your septic maintenance. The penalties for missing required services could be a fee or something more serious like shutting your business down.

Each town has its own rules, so make sure you are familiar with the regulations in your area. On average, Wind River Environmental provides pump service to most businesses every year or every other year. In some towns, the local Board of Health may send you a warning letter if you go more than 3 years without pumping your septic tank. Obviously, areas like wetlands will have stricter regulations since a failing septic system will affect them to a higher degree. Regardless of what your town’s regulations are, you should stay on top of them so you don’t suffer the consequences of a clogged system or a non-compliance penalty.

Let Us Help
To help out our business owners, we can keep track of all this for you. We’ll design a routine maintenance plan especially for you, while staying within the regulations of your Board of Health. You won’t have to remember any dates, because we’ll just contact you when it’s time for service. We’ll even file any necessary paperwork and give you access to digital copies on our customer portal so you won’t have to deal with paper clutter. If this sounds like it could save you time and hassle, Contact Us or Start A Septic Maintenance Plan Now.