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How to Manage Septic Services for Franchise Restaurants Across the Country

nationalIf you own a chain of restaurants that is spread out over several states, you recognize the convenience of having a single point of contact to handle all wastewater issues at all your locations. Imagine a world where a grease emergency in Maine and a septic disaster in South Carolina can be taken care of with one call. Ok, now stop imagining because Wind River Environmental has made this a reality.

But That’s Impossible!
Nope! It’s real, and we call it our National Program. With this phenomenal service, Wind River Environmental will take all wastewater-related maintenance of your restaurants under our wing. There will be no need to keep track of a separate list of service providers or call around trying to find a septic company 500 miles away. We will take care of routine septic pumping, grease trap cleanings and emergency situations at all your sites with a single call to our office. We have even mastered logistics to the point where we can tackle wastewater problems outside of our service area. So even though you may be headquartered in Boston and unfamiliar with the plumbers near your burger joint in West Virginia, we will make sure the grease trap at that location gets serviced even though you made a call to our Massachusetts office. As icing on the cake, we still offer discounts to our commercial customers, and this is not affected by our National Program. If you need help managing wastewater services for your franchise restaurants, Contact Us. We’ll save you a whole lot of time, money and headache.