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Learn About the Benefits of Camera Inspections

cameraAdvancements in wastewater maintenance solutions continue to bring more affordable ways of handling plumbing problems. New technologies can now save customers a lot of time and money. This includes video technology that is used to see underground and inside your pipes and septic system without having to dig up the pipes or tank. What was once impossible to diagnose without the hassle of excavation is now easy to discover with our cameras inspections.

No More Guessing Games
Your pipes are buried underground, and it used to be a big pain to see what was going on down there. Well, that is no longer the case with the development of septic video cameras. Special cameras designed to travel through plumbing can quickly “see” the inside of your pipes and can go to great lengths to find trouble spots. Technicians simply set up the camera and feed it into your drain until they find the problem. They then analyze the video to pinpoint the location and identify the source of any obstructions.

Other Benefits
The cameras not only spot things that are clogging your drains, they also find red flags that could lead to bigger problems. These include unexpected leaks, line breaks, water damage and rust spots that could cause future issues. They are also great for finding lost valuables like jewelry or other small objects that accidentally fall down the drain or get flushed down toilets. Additionally, there is now no reason to excavate your drain field to repair breaks in your lines. Wind River Environmental even has pipelining technologies for making repairs that eliminate digging. Your yard and landscaping can stay intact thus saving you those expenses.

Stop Digging For Solutions
Video cameras have truly been a game changer in the septic field. Their ability to see what’s going on underground helps us identify current problems as well as find unforeseen issues. This makes them a valuable instrument for our techs as well as an effective preventative maintenance tool. To learn more or to set up a camera inspection, Contact Wind River Environmental Today or Request Service Now.