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Johnston, RI Spotlight


Today we’re looking at Johnston, Rhode Island, the hometown of Jersey Shore’s DJ Pauly D . If that doesn’t impress you, then maybe you’ll be excited about the fact that it’s home of the state’s only landfill! Still not impressed? Well, that’s ok. Residents of Johnston love living here, and we love serving our Rhode Island customers.

Septic owners in our country’s smallest state should familiarize themselves with Individual Sewage Disposal System (ISDS) Inspections. This is a procedure specific to Rhode Island used to evaluate the condition of a septic system.

When Do I Need an ISDS Inspection?
Your local Board of Health will notify you by mail when you need to complete this inspection, and you will have 45 days to do so. Afterward, you will receive a report explaining the condition of your system, any maintenance requirements and a time frame for the next inspection. If the ISDS inspection results in a failing grade, more procedures will follow. You may have to make repairs or replace your sewage system, but consult a professional to review your options.

Who Can Conduct an ISDS Inspection?
Wind River Environmental has Certified Inspectors on staff qualified to conduct Individual Sewage Disposal System Inspections. They have been doing them for years and will work quickly to submit the appropriate forms to your Board of Health’s office. Remember, you can also keep track of this report and all other work orders through our online customer portal. If necessary, Wind River Environmental can also provide septic pumping service at the time of inspection. Contact us to learn more about the inspection process, or Schedule an Inspection.