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What You Need to Install a Commercial Grease Trap


What is a grease trap?

grease trap is an apparatus designed to trap fatty substances like oil and grease. These substances are commonly found in our favorite restaurants, but they can’t just be poured down a drain because once they reach a sewer, they could potentially create blockages. In most states, businesses like restaurants, cafeterias, and food service providers are lawfully required to install commercial grease traps, which need to be cleaned regularly. These traps can prevent expensive problems down the line.

Requirements for size and installation not only vary depending on what type of commercial business you operate, but they also vary between different cities and states. It’s important to determine what the standard is for an establishment in your area, but finding out this information takes some research and can be daunting for new business owners.

A simple solution to this is to hire a master plumber to take care of the installation. A master plumber will have a better knowledge of what the local requirements for your grease trap are, and what permits are necessary. A master plumber will make sure the installation goes smoothly, and then you don’t have to worry about putting a grease trap yourself.

Why Wind River Environmental?

At Wind River Environmental, we work hard to provide reliable and efficient plumbing services including installing commercial grease traps. If you are opening a restaurant or cafe, and aren’t sure what the requirements are in your area, contact us. Our master plumbers can take care of every aspect of the installation, so you can rest easy knowing that grease won’t cause you any problems in the future.