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How Does Hy Vac Compare To Regular Pumping?

Hy Vac is a system that uses a high-velocity water jet to clean catch basins and exterior grease tanks. Most of the time, normal pumping and cleaning are enough.

Normal pumping will remove the grease and liquid from the trap, but it may leave stuck on material that can build up and eventually cause a back up into the kitchen plumbing. Hy vac will remove that debris and restore a tank or catch basin to its original condition. It will also break up hardened grease.

Utilize Preventative Maintenance First

You can avoid the extra expense and hassle by making sure you do the right preventive maintenance on your catch basin or grease trap. Internal grease traps, for example, should be checked weekly and the grease scooped out and properly disposed of or recycled. Exterior grease traps are better but should be periodically inspected and pumped. The maintenance schedule depends on the size of your establishment, how busy your kitchen is and even a little on the kind of cooking being done, but ninety days is a common requirement.

Another reason to need this treatment is if weather or other circumstances caused outside debris to end up in your trap.

Wind River Does Hy Vac!

If your trap is clogged with grease or debris, then Wind River Environmental can help. We can also use these trucks to remove hazardous sludge or help clean up after a flood – it can be a very effective way to remove stormwater, especially if it is contaminated. Our hy vac trucks can also remove sand, small rocks, etc. So, maintain your catch basin or grease trap properly, but if you need our services we are always here!