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Home System Diagnosis: Our Fun and Easy To Use Tool!


Introducing the Home System Diagnosis Tool For Homeowners

Being a homeowner is a grand accomplishment for most folks, but dealing with the plumbing and septic issues that come along with this accomplishment certainly isn’t so great. A general handyman might have an idea of what a problem is and point you in the right direction, but this might add more service fees and more professional reassessments by other companies. So how can you identify these issues without having to call a general handyman?

We have a way for you to take these home evaluations into your own hands. We offer a Home System Diagnosis tool that can give quick fixes to small issues depending on your trouble locations in your home. It is a fun, easy to use interactable feature on our Wind River Environment website, featured in our residential services section. With a handy little minimap, you can just click and clarify where the problems in your home are coming from!

How Does the Home System Diagnosis Tool Help?

Our Home System Diagnosis tool can help identify if these issues in your home are because of plumbing, clogs in septic lines, or the septic tank itself. Ponds forming in the front yard may mean there might be an issue with your septic tank. When was the last time you had it serviced? You can call us to take a look!

Our engaging diagnosis tool can always help you decipher if a foul-smelling sink will mean the same kind of issue as a floor drain in the laundry room backing up with water. With almost 300 technicians certified in our company, we have the opportunity to serve New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island residential areas.

You Identified the Problem, Now Call Wind River Environmental to Fix It!

Did our tool help identify an issue that you want us to investigate? We have an easy online booking process, so you can make your appointment fast and simple. If you still have questions, or maybe you have a septic emergency, we are always on standby waiting to help you. Contact us today and let us show you how we plan:

“To be the leading nonhazardous liquid waste company serving a majority of the U.S. with a wide scope of services and innovative, sustainable practices.”