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Keep Your Septic System Healthy and Avoid Costly Repairs

Many of us take for granted how well a functioning septic system works when it’s taken care of. However, new and healthy systems don’t stay working at optimal levels as time goes on. A critical part of owning a septic system is regular maintenance and with Wind River Environmental, we can completely service your system and cover each step of preventative maintenance that keep your septic system healthy and avoid costly repairs.

Septic and Cesspool Pumping

Septic pumping is one key aspect of preventative maintenance and for good reason. Regular pumping can ensure any buildup is removed and the solids in your tank don’t become overwhelming. Our customer history shows that when customers pump on a routine schedule, the risk of septic failure dramatically decreases.

Your tank suffers some very unfortunate results from failing to address your septic systems needs. For instance, tank failure will destroy your drainfield, back-up into your home, and cause additional damage that will require costly repairs. This is the most common–as well as the most important—step in preventative maintenance.

Bacterial Additives

Bacterial additives for your septic system keeps everything healthy just as additives for your car make it run more efficient. Septic service providers and owners often overlook additives with routine pumping, but even with a regular pumping schedule, sometimes a boost to your system is necessary.

With general household activities, antibacterial products washed down your drains lower the levels of good bacteria that help your septic system run smoothly. In order to help maintain healthy levels in your septic tank, we recommend introducing bacterial additives. Not only will this help prevent any potential issues, but your system will work much more efficiently.

Have Your Septic Filter Cleaned

The same way you change a car or air conditioning filter, your septic filter also needs to be cleaned. It is crucial to prevent solids from your drain field to maintain a healthy septic system and septic process. Your filter is what protects your leach field from harmful material that has built up in your tank. Luckily, Wind River Environmental technicians clean the filter during every service.  Our inclusion of this important service allows you to rest easy knowing that your leach field is protected and healthy.

Wind River Environmental offers every service listed here to keep your septic system healthy. If you need your septic tank pumped, your filter changed, or want bacterial additives,  sign up on our self-service portal to schedule your service. If you have any questions or need of any other services, don’t hesitate to contact us today!