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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Make Your Septic System Feel Lucky!

cloverThe most important advice we can give our customers is to invest in preventative maintenance. I know I know…your budget is stretched thin and you think you can’t afford it. Well, consider this. Emergency situations are messy, expensive and stressful, while preventative maintenance is budgeted, predictable and averts costly mishaps. Wouldn’t you rather pay for health club fees and annual physicals to keep your body healthy knowing they will prevent a high-cost trip to the emergency room? Your body may look and feel fine, but it needs to be maintained on a regular basis to stay that way.

Eat Your Greens
Just as your body needs an annual physical, your septic system needs its annual inspection. This preventative measure is invaluable for detecting unforeseen problems and stopping early formations of clogs. Regular exercise and healthy eating habits are preventative measures for your body, just as bacterial additives and routine cleanings are preventative measures for your septic and plumbing. Be sure to include these in your preventative routine, and you’ll prolong the life of your septic system.

We’re Your Good Luck Charm
You’ll need more than the luck of the Irish if you trust just anyone to handle your septic needs. Your wastewater facilities need the care of a trained professional just as your body should have the care of a trained physician. On this St. Patrick’s Day week, make your system feel lucky by signing it up for a maintenance plan. Our technicians will treat it with goodies like bacterial additives, a septic filter, and a customized pumping routine. Spring is just around the corner, so get your system ready for the seasonal transition with care from the best in the business. To learn more about our 3-step maintenance plan or our other preventative maintenance services, Contact Us.