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Happy Halloween! Check Out These 3 Drain Horror Stories


wre-halloweenHalloween is upon us. It’s the time for grisly costumes and frightening stories. Some of those stories are just urban legends, but like any good legend, there is always some truth to it.

It’s in the Ceiling

A young girl started working in a small restaurant out in the country. She was closing the place down for the night, and her manager asked her to stay behind to help clean the grease trap. Instead of hiring a professional to service the ceiling-mounted trap, the manager thought he’d save money by recruiting his naïve employee to do it. The unsuspecting girl climbed up and began disassembling the trap to remove the grease trap filters. Before either of them knew what was happening, gruesome grease poured out, covering the girl and her manager in months’ worth of reeking oil, fat, and bacteria.


Secrets in the Walls

A diligent housewife kept her kitchen spotless. No visitor could deny the orderly condition of her home…at least based on what was visible. Little did she know, a nightmare was lurking where she least suspected it. Months of cooking and cleaning greasy dishes and using the garbage disposal had developed quite a debacle in her drains. Sadly, grease and fats had solidified, and the garbage disposal had left food particles to clog up the system. All the waste from those delicious family dinners lingered in the pipes and septic tank. Soon not even the strongest store-bought remedies could break up the clogs. Snakes were useless. In the end, professionals had to break into the walls and repair entire sections of plumbing.


Nowhere to Run

Smell is one of our most powerful senses. It can trigger memories, sending us back to happy times…or it can remind us of something horrible. A young boy was playing in his back yard and noticed a repulsive odor. He ran toward the house to escape the horrid smell and noticed pools of water and marshy areas along the way. No matter how fast he ran, the ghastly stench followed, and mud splattered his shoes and clean clothes. His parents realized they had not pumped their septic tank in years, and gruesome sludge had overtaken their septic system.


Avoid the Terror

The scariest part of any story is its potential to happen to you. All of these are very real horror stories that could haunt you for the rest of your days. Fortunately, it is possible to avoid these dreadful scenarios by employing preventative maintenance. For more information about wastewater management services, Contact Wind River Environmental. We’ll save you.