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Use a Grease Trap Service Or Face the Consequences


When New York City discovered a 73% increase of non-compliance by restaurants with the grease trap regulations, they instituted a $1,000 per day fine for violating the rules!

While the individual municipalities and localities are using different measures to keep people and businesses up-to-date with grease trap regulations, you’d be wise to know that it’s possible you could face criminal charges for not following the regulations. What’s more, violators can face steep monthly penalties in order to pay for inspections and periodic grease pumping. These fines can start at $100 per month and make their way up to $700 or more each month!

Check Regulations!

The most important thing a person or business can do to stay within the regulations laid out by your municipality or district is stay informed on what the regulations are. Then, you’ll need to find yourself a professional grease trap service. You can find our services here! Remember, it’s always important to find a professional that serves your area and comes recommended by others who have used their services before.

If you’re uncertain about what regulations you’ll need to follow, you should first check with the EPA, and then check with your local board of health. The information they provide can keep you up-to-date on current regulations.

Having a regular grease trap service come in to do maintenance may seem like a hassle, but the services provided are essential to keeping your future costs down as well keeping your businesses doors open.

If you have any further questions about grease trap services or regulations, please contact us today!