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14 Point Grease Trap Maintenance Program For Businesses

Avoid Grease Overflow and Drain Issue Shutdowns

The grease trap is the first line of defense to keep the rest of your inside pipes clear and free-flowing. A failing grease trap can release damaging FOG, (Fats, Oils, and Grease) to the pipes which build up over time, causing no end of headaches for businesses in the food industry. As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure that grease is captured, handled, and disposed of in a responsible manner, and Wind River Environmental is here to help.

Flow problems in the inside piping of your business can cause costly shutdowns and expensive emergency repairs. At Wind River Environmental, our extensive and thorough 14 point grease trap maintenance program can help you avoid problems before they occur.

14 Point Grease Trap Maintenance Program

The expert technicians at Wind River Environmental are thoroughly familiar with the intricacies of commercial grease traps and focus on all the components which may cause trouble with our intensive 14 point grease trap maintenance program:

  1. Inspect cover
  2. Inspect gaskets
  3. Inspect bolts
  4. Inspect rods
  5. Inspect baffle
  6. Inspect baskets
  7. Inspect for rust
  8. Check flow of trap
  9. Check for leaks
  10. Advise when Drain Cleaning Services are needed
  11. Inspect strainers
  12. Inspect screens
  13. Advise if frequency of maintenance should be changed
  14. Compile a complete condition report on every visit


Commercial Service and Coverage Area

Once the detailed inspection is complete, we’ll perform a full cleaning of the grease trap. Some states and towns require a specified frequency of grease trap cleaning and we’ll make sure your business is complying with local regulations. Our technicians will update all required paperwork and help you adjust your servicing schedule as required for your locality.

Your business can take advantage of our 14 point grease trap maintenance program in all six New England states including Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine. Our capable professional affiliates provide service coverage in  New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and Ohio.

Wind River Environmental is committed to keeping your all of your residential and commercial wastewater and septic systems up and running, so don’t hesitate to schedule your service today.