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Fort Myers, Florida – A Light Along The River

Fort Myers, FL (Ft. Myers) is a small city in Lee County, on the southwest coast of the state of Florida. The city is known for its long sandy beach and warm, tropical climate. As of the 2017, the population in Fort Myers was 79,943 and in 2018 was estimated at 82,254. The city makes up 49 square miles of Lee County, of which, nearly 9 miles are made up of water. Seated on the Gulf of Mexico, the city lies just above the ocean at 3’ above sea level. Though today thousands of residents call the city home, it has a long history of becoming the destination is has become.

The area now known as Fort Myers was originally inhabited by Native American Tribes. According to Fortmyers.org, settlers had asked for protection from the Natives. In the late 1700’s, pirates had set up bases along the Florida coast for ease of raiding ships near the port of New Orleans. Fort Myers was built along the Caloosahatchee River during The Seminole Wars. After the wars the fort was abandoned only to become a base once again in 1863 during the Civil War.

Following the Civil War, the fort was of no use and was disassembled. What would later become downtown Fort Myers was first constructed with pieces of the original fort used during the wars. Though a small number of people had taken up residence as a small village here, the town wasn’t incorporated until 1885. At the time it had the second largest population of a Florida town. That same year, Thomas Alva Edison was sailing the southwest coast of Florida and happened upon the town.

Edison fell in love with the area and purchased land along the Caloosahatchee River during his visit. A year later he would return to his property with his wife, Mina Miller Edison. He would retreat to his winter estate in Fort Myers for many years. Thomas Edison went on to gain global respect for patenting the light bulb and providing light to the world. Thomas Edison wasn’t the only big name with real estate in Fort Myers. According to Edison and Ford Winter Estates, Edison invited his friend, Henry Ford to the coastal town in 1914. The Ford family also fell so in love with the area that they purchased a home adjacent to Edison winter estate. Today you can still visit the Edison and Ford Winter Estates, two of the most visited historic homes in America.

Each year in February, the city celebrates Edison’s achievements with the Edison Festival of Light complete with “the largest night parade in the Southeast”. Thanks to Edison and his contributions to modern world, he helped shape Fort Myers into the city is today. Though not as developed and exciting as some of the more northern cities in Florida with exciting theme parks and nightlife, Fort Myers has plenty to offer its residents and visitors. The city contains several parks and land and wildlife preservation areas that range from Oceanside walks to wooded paths and wetlands. For golfers, there is by far no shortage of golf courses in the area. USA Today states there are nearly 50 courses in Fort Myers, many are private country clubs and facilities however, there are several public courses as well.

There are plenty of museums in the city along with retail outlets and malls, restaurants, craft beer breweries. Miles of coastline allow for boating and aquatic sports and provide relaxing beaches that draw home buyers and retirees from all around the country. Though it is a city, there are excellent rural areas to own a single-family home here. Many of these properties have an onsite wastewater system (septic system) on location. There are over 100,000 septic systems in Lee County so it is crucial to properly maintain these systems to prevent pollution of waterways and oceans.

It is recommended that septic systems be pumped every 2-5 years however, depending on the properties water usage, that frequency will vary. Wind River Environmental understands the importance of environmental protection in Fort Myers, which is why we’ve become experts in the industry. We’ve made it our job to keep septic systems operating and to protect you, your family, and the environment. Wind River Environmental is Fort Myers premier grease, septic, and drain service provider.

Our team processes over 185 million gallons of wastewater each year. We’re open 24/7 and well prepared to come to the rescue for emergency service or regular maintenance. Contact us to learn more about our services in Jacksonville, schedule service online, or visit our website and check out our blog to find out more about industry news and preventative maintenance!