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How Does Food, Grease and Other Septic Waste Help Reduce Methane Gas, Air Emissions and Odor?


Kline's Methane DigesterEach year as we continue to learn and embrace environmental education, our country increases its use of renewable energy sources. Experts and researchers predict our planet could be fully powered by renewable energy in a few decades. What does this mean exactly? Well, it means that our energy would come from things that don’t run out, eliminating our reliance on things like crude oil. Instead, electricity and power would come from sources such as the wind, the sun, water and yes, waste. That’s right, the sewage and grease that Americans produce on a daily basis can actually be transformed into a renewable energy source.

Sounds Too Good to be True
We can’t make this stuff up! Thanks to an amazing machine called a methane digester, organic waste can be transformed into power. The name should make you think of digestion, so compare it to your stomach. A digester works much like your intestines in that stuff goes into an airtight vessel where anaerobic digestion takes place. As the materials decompose, methane and other emissions are produced. This combination of gasses, known as biogas, is then coupled with a generator to produce energy.

More Good News
Methane digesters are environmentally friendly because they reduce the amount of methane gas and other greenhouse gasses that escapes into the atmosphere. Methane gas is more than 20 times more harmful to the planet than carbon dioxide, and it’s considered to be a chief component in global warming. Digesters capture all this preventing damaging gasses from polluting the atmosphere. It does all this while creating energy that’s clean as a whistle!

Doing Our Part to Stop Wasting Waste
It is the goal of Wind River Environmental to uphold a reputation as a company that cares for our planet. We invest in the latest and greatest means of environmental maintenance to prove how much we care about Earth. These include innovations like the anaerobic digester and our team of dedicated engineers and technicians working to incorporate new and effective ways to clean and recycle waste materials. You can trust us to do our part and participate in sustainable methods to ensure a safe place for our children to thrive. Contact Us to learn more about our environmental services or to learn ways you can contribute to green initiatives.