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Expert Emergency and Routine Stormwater Removal

The risk of leaving a storm drain clogged can have major consequences. Why let clogged storm drains cost you headaches and unnecessary repair expenses?  Rest assured, if your storm drain is blocked, you can take advantage of Wind River Environmental’s Hy Vac service for storm water removal!

Whether it’s an emergency backup or routine service your Wind River Environmental is here to make sure you catch basin is well-attended. Please don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can put your concerns at ease.

Know the Risks

Sand, leaves, branches, and other debris collect in storm drains and can build up over time. When a catch basin becomes congested, water is unable to drain. This can be extremely problematic to your municipal, residential, and business properties. A clogged stormwater drain near public facilities, homes, and businesses could flood and ruin flooring, furniture, and appliances.

Likewise, outdoor flooding can devastate your garden, driveway, and vehicles. Each town may have specific regulations regarding safe storm water drainage, which can typically be found on a city government website. Wind River Environmental is conscious of local regulations to ensure compliance.

Even amid major weather events, we are qualified and prepared to serve you. Our Hy Vac service includes 24/7 year-round coverage with expertise storm water removal.

Other Hy Vac Services Available From Wind River Environmental

With our Hydro Excavation service, soil is safely removed using a dual-purpose technique that involves pressurized water to break apart build-ups and a high-powered vacuum for take-in. With Hydro Excavation, utilities and structures are accurately and noninvasive installed underground; for example, pipe or sewage lines can be installed or revitalized. The importance of our efficient and precise Hydro Excavation process can prevent unnecessary environmental and structural damage that leads to inconveniences like traffic and unintended property repair costs.

Other services our hy vac equipment can provide are: leachate removal, liquid sludge removal, cake sludge removal, and alum sludge removal. Furthermore, our services cover pumping digesters or lagoons and vacuuming any clogged catch basins, lift stations, mains, and external grease traps.

Remember, when an emergency arises, highly-qualified and knowledgeable technicians at Wind River Environmental are always equipped for the even the toughest storm water removal. Similarly, take the next step and be prepared with our routine Hy Vac service so that you never have to worry about your catch basin clogging.