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Drain Cleaning Services During Closure


When drains go without use for an extended period of time, debris within the lines can harden and form a blockage. Vacation homes in the off-season and closed restaurants alike should take preventative measures before an extended vacancy. Pipes and drains that seem to have no issue might have hidden leaks or clogs that wreak havoc when left over time. Regular drain cleaning services by qualified technicians can help diagnose problems and implement the best solution for your needs.


Commercial Drain Cleaning


Commercial Drain Cleaning Services benefit customers, workers, and the business. Perhaps a slow drain in a kitchen or bathroom is no big deal when business is booming. Simple signs that are often ignored under normal operations still lead to businesses being required to close their doors for preventable emergency drain cleaning. The bigger risk in times of reduced business or temporary closure is the delay in opening back up, and postponing operations from restarting.  It is more likely that the issue didn’t resolve during the slow time.  When a business needs to get back up and running, it will incur additional fees and inspections to get the drains flowing before the revenue can begin flowing.



Restaurant owners know the importance of regular grease service. Fats, oils, grease and solids can build up in pipes over time. During extended downtime, any grease left unattended can harden into a solid brick. Upon reopening, this grease brick may lead to a back up and additional downtime for a business.  Substances that are less obvious but still have impacts on commercial drains are soaps and other normal cleaning supplies.  These cleaners can also act like grease due to their oils and fats contained in their ingredients.  If the drains are not flowing constantly as they once were, the risk is higher for these solids to collect in all the wrong places.

We’re Here to Help


Is your business temporarily closed, have slow drains or a suspected a drain clog? Wind River Environmental has highly trained technicians who are qualified to perform many commercial services like snaking and jetting, video camera inspections, and sewer main line repairs.  Our technicians also offer preventative maintenance programs tailored to you or your businesses specific needs. Contact Us to discuss how we can help solve your septic, grease, and drain cleaning needs!