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Choosing Septic Safe Products

If you use a septic tank on your property, you know how important it is to use products that are safe for your tank. This includes soaps, detergents, toilet paper, etc. Remember – anything you wash down your sink or flush down your toilet ends up in your septic tank! To keep your septic tank safe, you have to make sure to use septic safe products.

Septic Products to Avoid:

  • Chemical drain cleaners – while drain clogs are annoying and drain cleaners may seem like a quick fix, they can seriously harm the balance of bacteria in your septic tank! These heavy-duty chemicals kill off the important bacteria, which makes it tougher for your septic system to break down solid waste. Instead of using these types of cleaners, try pouring boiling water down the drain first, and then use a drain snake to manually break up and remove any clogs.
  • Latex paints and solvents – like drain cleaners, these can destroy the beneficial bacteria in your tank. Paints, solvents, and other harsh cleaners should never touch your septic system. Even a small amount of these can create a costly problem.
  • Anti-bacterial soaps and bleach – though these products are designed to kill germs and eliminate bacteria that may harm our bodies, they also destroy bacteria in our septic systems. Always opt for soaps without anti-bacterial ingredients.
  • Food waste, especially fats – fats and oils do not get broken down in your septic tank and may cause clogs.


More Information On Septic Tanks and Septic Safe Products

Septic tank maintenance does not have to be expensive or time-consuming, though septic tank clogs can be costly to fix. However, a properly cared-for septic tank will continue to function without problems.

Remember to only use septic safe products for your tank, and if you’d like more information on septic tank maintenance, check out our helpful guide.