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What Can A Licensed Plumber Do For Your Restaurant?


wind-river_111413-6809Most of our blogs encourage you to contact us if you have a problem or question, especially if you own a business. Owning and managing a restaurant is an overwhelming job, and one of the best decisions you can make is to have plumbing experts readily available to take some of that responsibility off your shoulders. Our Wind River technicians are well-trained and eager to help.

For the Kitchen

A restaurant’s job is to cook and sell food, and there are dozens of safety regulations. Floor drains must be kept clear to prevent backflow problems. Drainage lines and grease traps must be regularly cleaned, and water must be hot enough to properly sanitize dishes and countertops. A licensed plumber can help you better maintain a healthy, safe environment by preventing and fixing any problems.

For the Restrooms

Health and safety codes also include restrooms, and regular maintenance will help prevent any smelly problems that could drive customers away, or worse, make them sick. All of the standard plumbing issues apply, including drains, clogs, and flooding. Licensed plumbers can take care of those issues while you handle the restaurant.

For the Building Itself

Preventative maintenance is always better than reactive, mostly because it’s cheaper. Regular inspections aren’t just necessary for the kitchen and bathrooms but for the rest of the building. Pipes go through the walls, floors, and even the parking lot. Everything from outside damage and weathering to regular wear and tear can cause leaks, backups, and flooding. Licensed plumbers inspect the pipes, valves, seals, drains, and everything else that might need repairs or replacing.

For You

Wind River is also a business, and we know what it takes to be successful. Working with a licensed plumber you trust eases stress and frees up your time to focus on other things. For more information on our wastewater services or to schedule an appointment, Contact Us.