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What are the Benefits of the Constant Flow Program?


calendarDo you own a business related to food, where you have to abide by certain regulations related to your waste? Daydream with me for a moment… Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone else keep up with those deadlines and deal with the mess of your grease, plumbing and septic issues? (sigh) What would you do with that glorious extra time? Maybe fly somewhere tropical and escape this cold weather? Visit your relative that you never see? Well, guess what. This can be a reality!

We’re Here to Make Your Daydreams Come True
Constant Flow is our dream solution for restaurants, supermarkets, and other commercial food establishments, where preventative maintenance is put on autopilot. For a flat monthly fee, Wind River Environmental will take ownership of all your wastewater services. Regular service appointments will automatically be scheduled to keep you compliant with laws and to ensure all your equipment works efficiently. As part of your personalized Constant Flow program, you may choose all or any combination of these 6 categories.

  • Interior grease traps
  • Exterior grease storage
  • Drain cleaning
  • Plumbing maintenance
  • Interior foundation
  • Exterior foundation

If emergencies or the need for repairs arise, don’t worry. Our 24/7 fast response emergency service is included as part of your Constant Flow package.

Go With the Flow…
…the Constant Flow that is. Your CFO will thank you when reviewing the annual budget, and find no unexpected wastewater costs all year. This customized, reliable service at a predictable cost gives you peace of mind regarding your wastewater system and gives you more time to focus on planning vacations or fulfilling other daydreams. For more information on the Constant Flow Program or other plumbing services for your company, Contact Us.