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5 Reasons Home Owners Should Take Septic Preventative Measures Seriously

Erb PhotographyIf you’ve followed our blog for awhile, the subject of preventative maintenance should not be new to you. It may be the most important overall topic we can discuss with our homeowners. In a world where so many things are competing for your time, attention and money, we understand why so many neglect their wastewater facilities. But, here’s why you need to take preventative maintenance seriously.

  1. Replacement Of A Septic Is Costly
    The cost of routine maintenance is cheaper than the cost of repairs and replacements on a grand scale. All customers who end up with an emergency situation or have to replace a component of their septic system wish they had just enrolled in our maintenance program.
  2. It’s a Major Inconvenience
    An overflow or clog can cause you to lose the usage of your kitchen, bathrooms and laundry facilities. This puts a huge kink into your daily routine of getting ready or hosting guests.
  3. Septic Failure Causes Problems in the Environment
    Not only is everyone in your home inconvenienced, but septic problems also hurt the environment. When your system cannot break down and filter waste properly, the effluent can enter and contaminate streams, lakes and even the groundwater.
  4. Backups Damage Your Home
    The last thing you want is nasty sewage on your floors and furniture, but that’s what you’ll get with backups resulting from septic.
  5. Preventative Maintenance Prevents
    This is kinda the whole point—to prevent bad things from happening. Wind River Environemental professionals have a trained eye and can identify issues before they become an inconvenience to you.

We’re Serious About Preventative Maintenance
When everything is good, you don’t think about the fact that your septic system is working for you around the clock. However, one little hiccup and your whole daily routine can be ruined. The only way to avoid unexpected plumbing and septic problems is to employ regular preventative maintenance. The experts at Wind River Environmental take their jobs seriously and have been trained by the best to keep your wastewater facilities running smoothly. Let us help you get started with a preventative maintenance routine today.